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You will get Epic items 213/200+ as well as Ahead of the curve of Denathrius. Guaranteed a certain number of items if you have bad luck, traders available. Raids every day on Horde and Alliance!

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You'll get fast and safe Mythic+ boosting, 200-226 items , fast way to gear up cheaply and quickly. 200+ teams are ready to carry your character right now! Best price guarantee. Order & start now!

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Don't want to spend time on routine tasks such as leveling? You can save your time by using us! Cheap&safe and quick level boost!

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Torghast is a new time-consuming Shadowlands activity. Any level, with any character can be made without any efforts with us!

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WoW Shadowlands Boosting Service, WoW Carries.

Hello and welcome to KingBoost, World of Warcraft Shadowlands boosting service. We know that not everyone has the time or patience to grind out wow level or raiding trying to kill a boss. Therefore, our boosters ready to do it instead of you. By buying wow boost you will save your time while we doing routine tasks for your characters. We offer the best price keeping quality by providing high-skilled boosters with a huge experience. It means that you will get WoW Raid carry with at least top 500 guilds. Ordering mythic boost you will play with 4000+ RIO. We're able to perform your custom carry as well.

We keep high standards of customer service: the cheapest price, safety, and smooth performance. That's why if you find cheaper we always make cheaper, we can guarantee the best price because we boost you ourselves. We take your security extremely seriously by providing a lot of payment methods such as PayPal Secure Payments with buyer protection, using VPN, and having strict instructions for our WoW boosters. We never use bots, hacks, or any forbidden software that can lead to ban your character.

Watch and learn. We can turn on LiveStream of your boost so that you can understand mechanics and features that professional players use.

We are WoW-passionate players as well and completely understand the needs of our buyers. So if you want to play while we Powerleveling your character – we always flexible and can make a schedule when you play and when we play. We use invisible mode for not showing your friends or guild that you buy wow boost. So you can avoid suspicion from your friends!


How WoW Boosting can help me?

Look, game becomes much more enjoyable when you don't have to make tasks that developers force you to do. Grinding is a time-consuming and boring activity. Players have to do a lot of uninteresting things such as passing mythic+ dungeons for getting higher gear and get BiS items, farming mount for years and wiping with pugs in raids. With KingBoost you can avoid all of that! Play the way you want. Think how good you can spend your time by delegating routine to us.

Raids is the most interesting in World of Warcraft for many players. However, you have to have 60 level and excellent gear to enter new Shadowlands raid Castle Nathria. Usually, raid time is 4 hours per day 3-4 days per week in casual guilds. So that you spend 16 hours only for raiding. They ask you for gear for raiding with them. You require character gearing and leveling to enter. So it's 30+ hours each week to get minimal gear to get satisfaction from the game. If you buy WoW carry you will get tons of free time and will play with top-players who can trade gear to your character to make it overpowered.

Raiding in World of Warcraft Shadowlands is joyful when you play on your favorite class and it's useful. Sometimes your favorite specialization for which you had gear becomes nerfed and you have to get new BiS gear again to make super damage or heal smoothly the raid group. In such situation, a good way to solve the problem will be to buy mythic+ dungeons boost. If don't have any guild but want raiding you can join raid run with any character you are currently playing!

We offer different discounts both to our loyal clients and to those who decide to use our cheap wow boosting service for the first time. Our loyalty program was created for those who wish to get the cheapest offers, therefore we provide a significant discount for those who use our service for second time or more. For those who decide to use KingBoost for the first time, we occasionally create promotions. All of that allows us to tell you that we maintain the best price!


Expertise in WoW Shadowlands Boost

Mythic+ dungeons boost

Up your character gear to 210-226 with Mythic 15 keys and other mythic + boosts. A lot of epics, new achievement Shadowlands Keystone Master that brings mount. The fastest and cheapest way to make your character overpowered.

WoW raid carry

Castle Nathria boost in Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulty. 213-233 loot. From that activity, you can bring the best gear in the game. Loot runs with traders are available.

Arena boost

Wanted to become Rival, Duelist or Gladiator? Our PVP players ready to help you with 2x2 arena rating, 3x3 arena rating, RBG wins. They can coach you if you wish to improve in PvP as well.


For power leveling character from 50-60 need to spend about 10-12h of time. We're ready to do such tedious tasks as wow level boost, world quests farm or full gear at the cheapest price!


Need to farm Corridor Creaper or any other? Quick and safe

Custom Offers

We can make any WoW Carries — if you didn't find the service on the website, contact us please and we will help you with anything you want!


Requirements for buying World of Warcraft Carry services

There are no gear or skill requirements! We can boost your character even if you haven't ever played in WoW. However, for some services we have requirement to buy shadowlands add-on or active wow time.
Our services are perfect for players who don't like to follow any requirements and want to get everything ASAP.


What happens after I buy WoW Boosting Services?

After you made your payment our operator will contact you in 2-3 minutes.  Once we get all necessary details we will start your World of Warcraft boost order ASAP!  We recommend you to write us via online-chat on the website and ask all the questions when is possible to start your wow boosting service. Our support agents are working 24/7 365 days per year and will be pleased to help you! Don't hesitate to ask.


To make sure about our wow boosting company you can check reviews on TrustPilot. 

Will be glad to see you as our client!

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