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Refund policy

Kingboost's Refund Policy

Please, if you are dissatisfied with the quality of our boosting services, let us know in any way convenient for you. We will always find a solution that will satisfy you and will help our business go better. We do not disclaim responsibility as others do.

There is no fee for any refund.

1. What if I don't want the service or coaching I've bought anymore?

We understand that anything can happen. We will issue a 100% refund on the first request if you changed your mind / don't have time/something happened and your order hasn't been started.

For example, if you had ordered Full Raid clear and we had scheduled your time: at 18CET Sunday

You told us at 17:59 that you can't - it's okay, we will issue a full refund or make another service(at your discretion)

2. What will happen if you can't make the order? I ordered Mythic+15 in time and got it no timer?

We fully agree that the service is considered completed only if it is performed clearly according to your requirements, so we will make another Mythic+15 dungeon IN TIME free of charge or issue a 100% refund(at your discretion)

3. We made some progress in order but it hasn't been finished in time.

If we break 150% ETA - we will issue a 50% refund.

For example, you ordered 50-60 leveling with 12 hours ETA and we did it for 18 hours. (12 + 12/2 = 18 hours)

If we break 200% ETA - we will issue a 100% refund.

For example, you ordered Leveling 1-60 with ETA of 20 days and we did it for 31 days. In that case, we will issue a 100% refund.

4. What if I didn't like your service?

It is important to remember that our opinions are subjective. However, if you do not like our service for objective reasons(long delivery, bad group, etc) we will make a partial(10-50%) or even(for some reasons) 100% refund.

5. What if the service is doing right now I don't want it anymore?

You have the right to refuse to perform the service at any time when it is provided. Refunds for this are discussed individually. It is worth remembering that if the implementation has already begun, then we have the right to name the percentage of work completed and set a price for it ourselves, guided by common sense.

6. For any cases that haven't been mentioned here, we also do refunds on a case-by-case basis, so customers are always free to send us an inquiry for a refund regarding any order.

Refunds are expected to take 3-7 business days to be cleared. If after that period of time you didn’t received any, please get in touch with our customer support via chat, discord, skype or email.

*KingBoost against money laundering and fraud. We will refund your payment to the source where the payment came from.

For example, if you paid with PayPal we can't refund your payment to Bitcoin or Credit Card.