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Roubles being the main currency in Escape from Tarkov are very important for every player and can be used in almost any imaginable way. Grinding the desired amount yourself is hard by itself, not to mention the hardcore nature of the game. So, why suffer through the grind if we can do it for you? Just make an order and we’ll farm up to 10 millions of Roubles by hand on your account!


  • The desired amount of Roubles farmed on your account, probably as a loot equal to that amount (or even more!).


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In Escape from Tarkov, Roubles are the primary currency used to purchase weapons, gear, and various other items in the game. Having a sufficient amount of Roubles is essential for your survival and success in Tarkov. Here's a guide on how to farm Roubles effectively:

Loot everything: When you enter a raid, make sure to thoroughly search every container, room, and lootable object you come across. Pay special attention to filing cabinets, duffle bags, crates, and weapon cases. These often contain valuable items that can be sold for Roubles.

Focus on high-value items: Certain items have higher sell values than others. Look out for weapons, attachments, medical supplies, electronics, rare items, and keycards. These items can fetch a significant amount of Roubles when sold to traders or on the Flea Market.

Utilize the Flea Market: The Flea Market is an online marketplace where players buy and sell items. Take advantage of it by listing your valuable items at competitive prices. Additionally, check for items that are being sold below their market value, purchase them, and resell them for a profit.

Complete quests: Quests in Escape from Tarkov often reward you with Roubles upon completion. Focus on completing quests efficiently as they provide a steady source of income. Some quests may require specific items, so keep an eye out for those during your looting runs.

Scav runs: Scav runs allow you to spawn as an AI-controlled scavenger with random equipment. Use these runs to explore the map, gather loot, and extract safely. Anything you collect can be transferred to your main character's inventory and sold for Roubles.

Trading and bartering: Interact with traders in the game to sell your unwanted items or trade them for useful gear. Each trader specializes in different items, so familiarize yourself with their preferences and sell accordingly. Bartering can be an effective way to obtain valuable items without spending Roubles.

Efficient inventory management: Properly manage your inventory to maximize your Rouble gains. Stack items whenever possible, discard unnecessary items, and prioritize looting high-value items over low-value ones.

Team up with others: Playing in a group increases your chances of survival and allows for better loot acquisition. Coordinate with your teammates to efficiently loot the area and share valuable items among yourselves.

Remember, farming Roubles in Escape from Tarkov requires time, effort, and knowledge of the game's economy. By following these tips and consistently applying them during your raids, you'll gradually accumulate a substantial amount of Roubles to enhance your gameplay experience.



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Roubles Farm Service | 1$ per 1 Million | CHEAPEST | Not RMT
Roubles Farm Service | 1$ per 1 Million | CHEAPEST | Not RMT


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