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Really good guys

Really good guys, I got fast and clean boost to 1800 rating

 Oliver Schaub-Gunsted
Oliver Schaub-GunstedJan 06, 2021
Bought a 5 mask vision run

Bought a 5 mask vision run. im not that smart and used an orb like five minutes in. kingboost was still able to finish the entire run with only 2 orbs. Impressive. Good communication as well.

Andrew Ebner
Andrew EbnerMay 14, 2020
M+15 fast and simple

M+15 fast and simple, and very friendly players

 Jonas Eriksson
Jonas ErikssonMay 27, 2020
Very nice and professional

Awesome service. They are very professional and quick. You have to worry about nothing, just be online on time. And the customer service is the best. They are always available and very kind. I can only recommend this.

De Jan
De JanJul 14, 2020
Awesome experience as always!

Awesome experience as always! Kinda late raid run but they made up for it with +2 free traders! I can only recommend them!

Mads Nielsen
Mads NielsenAug 02, 2020
Big couch for Kingboost.net +++++

Big vouch for Kingboost.net +++++ - Great support and very well done

Alex “AOOlsson” Olsson
Alex “AOOlsson” OlssonNov 26, 2020

Boost was realy fast and i have 24H support thats pretty good :) and the price is realy the best other sides u have to pay much more for the same and they dont have support 24/7... booster does for free streaming :) thats nice to :) boosters helps you by questions etc :) same for the support :) it was just Awesome :)

Martin Nü
Martin NüJan 04, 2021
Best boost service

Very friendly, competent and mega flexible. It is a very very good service

 Nils Stark
Nils StarkDec 09, 2020
Nice service!!

Nice service! Recommended to everyone who wants to get high quality boost at a cheap price

 Hugo Simon
Hugo SimonJan 02, 2021
Easy and fast to work

Cheapest boosters that I have found that doesn't scam you.

Andreas Olsson
Andreas OlssonDec 15, 2020
Very professional team

Very professional team, worked quick, were patient, traded over leftovers you can clearly tell that they know what they're doing. Would 100% buy again

 Bruce Houben
Bruce HoubenJan 14, 2021
Excellent service.

Excellent service. Punctual and professional

RazieDec 29, 2020