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Leveling is an essential part of playing almost any online game, Path of Exile is no exception here. You’ve got to reach a certain level to become stronger, unlock new activities and enjoy the end-game. But leveling up yourself may be a problem due to this process requiring a lot of time and some knowledge about building your character. If you’re struggling with anything on your leveling journey - look no further.

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  • Any desired level achieved on your character;
  • Completed Trials (for getting level 70+);
  • Completed А1-А10 and quest skill points (for getting level 70+);
  • All items, gear, orbs, and everything else your character will get during the boost.


  • 4th labyrinth completion - pick to complete this dungeon on 70+ level;
  • Fresh skill point tree - we'll reset Passive skill tree, so you'll be able to get passives of your choice.


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Leveling in Path of Exile: Is It a Challenge for Regular Players?

Leveling up in Path of Exile is a fundamental aspect of the game that allows players to progress and unlock new content. But is it hard to level up for a regular player? Let’s explore the leveling experience in Path of Exile and discuss the challenges that regular players may encounter along the way.

Path of Exile's leveling experience can be both rewarding and challenging, offering a diverse range of gameplay mechanics and encounters. While the game does provide a learning curve, it aims to be accessible to players of all skill levels, including regular players. The difficulty of leveling largely depends on the player's experience, knowledge of game mechanics, and their chosen character build.

For players who are familiar with the game and have a solid understanding of its mechanics, leveling may not be excessively difficult. By carefully planning their character's progression, following a well-optimized build, and utilizing efficient leveling strategies, regular players can level up at a reasonable pace. Path of Exile offers a wide variety of questlines, zones, and monster encounters that cater to different playstyles and challenge levels, allowing players to find a suitable leveling path.

However, for players who are new to the game or less experienced, leveling can present more significant challenges. Path of Exile's complex skill tree, vast itemization options, and intricacies of character progression may require additional time and effort to grasp fully. Learning efficient leveling strategies, understanding synergistic passive skills, and optimizing gear choices can take some time to master. The game's challenging boss fights and lethal encounters can pose difficulty spikes for players who are unprepared or unfamiliar with the game's mechanics.

That said, Path of Exile provides numerous resources and community tools to support players in their leveling journey. Online guides, community forums, and video tutorials offer helpful tips, leveling strategies, and build recommendations for players seeking guidance. Regular players can benefit greatly from leveraging these resources to enhance their leveling experience and overcome potential challenges.

It's important to note that the difficulty of leveling can also vary depending on the chosen character build. Some builds may excel in leveling, boasting strong early game potential, while others might require more investment and careful planning. Researching and selecting a build that aligns with your preferred playstyle and is suitable for leveling can significantly ease the process.

In conclusion, leveling in Path of Exile can present challenges for regular players, particularly those who are new to the game or less experienced. However, with the right approach, knowledge, and utilization of available resources, regular players can overcome these challenges and progress through the game's content. Path of Exile offers a wealth of opportunities for character growth and rewards, ensuring that each player's leveling journey is an engaging and dynamic experience.



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