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WoW Raid Boost

Raiding in World of Warcraft is one of the most attractive sides of the game. Initially in WoW raids were the most important activity, and everything that the players did was aimed at getting into the raids. This is obvious because

  1. Raid boost gives the best items and gear in the game.
  2. You can play with a lot of players at the same time trying to kill a difficult boss.
  3. Many different interesting mechanics and bosses.

Every other player chooses raids as the most important part of the WoW. It is the raid race that is watched by the largest number of players. The top guilds even have solid sponsors. (Usually they provide raid boosting services as well but their prices much more than ours)

The only big drawback of raids is that they take an extremely long time. To raid in guild you have to have at least 8 hours of free time(usually much - 30 hours) and to be tied to the guild in such a way that it becomes almost a second job! Moreover, you must get a high level of equipment to be taken into the raid. But there is a good option to save time and get cheap WoW Raid boost from us!

Why should I buy WoW Raid carry?

As we mentioned earlier raiding takes much time to find skilled guild, get minimal gear for entering the raid and raid 8-40 hours per week. The higher the level of skill your WoW guild has for raiding, the more difficult it is to get into it. Therefore, often novice promising players cannot get into strong guilds. To solve this problem you can buy wow boost from us and get curve achievements, gearing, and smooth passage of the raid, our boosters will tell you mechanics of the bosses at the same time you can be AFK while we boosting you. We can also help kill multiple bosses or get specific raid item boost - just ask our operator on the website.

Who will provide raid boost to me?

The best guilds are included in the top 200 worldwide in World of Warcraft. These are incredibly high-level players who closed raids in PTR and BETA versions so that you can be sure that our wow boosting service will close it in LIVE version as well. There are 3 difficulties in raids: normal raids, heroic raids, and mythic raids. Heroic and mythic boosting becomes more expansive but it brings much valuable gear comparing to normal. Now we provide any actual raid boost in all the difficulties.

Can I get full gear from WoW raids?

Yes. We provide Any current raid with full gear boosting and traders with the same type of armor as your class. Raid boost becomes the most valuable and brings much more items than other activities such as mythic+ dungeons, at the same time we offer cheap prices for that: our prices always cheaper than other raid boosting providers, cause we have our own boosting guilds.

Stop wasting time on wiping in raids with randoms! Make the right choice — KingBoost raid boosting and get any raid done for 1-2 hours with loot traders.

If you want to get specific item from raid boost or specific boss just contact us via online chat!