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Apex Legends Predator Rank


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Get Predator Rank in Apex Legends and become one of the Top-750 players with Kingboost!

Climbing ranks in Apex Legends is the tough challenge for any player. But every ladder, even the rank ladder, has the top. In Apex Legends this is called Predator Rank. It is given to the Top-750 players, can you imagine what kind of skill any of these player have? Their reaction, knowledge, tactics, aiming, they have everything on max. Even just being called Predator is awesome, but only an insanely small percentage of players will ever experience that. But with our service, you can become one of them!

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Chasing the Hunter's Mark: The Elusive Predator Rank in Apex Legends

Within the intense and competitive world of Apex Legends, the Predator Rank stands as the pinnacle of accomplishment, sought after by skilled players and seasoned warriors alike. This prestigious rank represents the apex of skill and endurance, separating the truly exceptional from the rest. In this article, we delve into the challenges and obstacles that make achieving the illustrious Predator Rank a daunting task in Apex Legends.

Competitive Threshold:

Predator Rank serves as the top echelon of the Apex Legends ranked ladder, attainable only by a select few. To reach this rank, players must demonstrate exceptional skills, coordination, and strategic depth across numerous matches. The competitive threshold required to enter the Predator division is extremely high, demanding players to consistently outperform a highly skilled player base.

Grind and Time Investment:

Earning the Predator Rank is not merely a matter of skill and knowledge; it also entails a substantial grind and time investment. The ranked system in Apex Legends rewards consistent play and performance, meaning players must dedicate countless hours to climb through the ranks and secure their position among the elite. This arduous journey demands perseverance, resilience, and a commitment to continuously improve.

Formidable Competition:

Within the higher ranks of Apex Legends, the competition becomes increasingly fierce. Aspiring Predators must contend with some of the most skilled players in the game, each vying for a limited number of coveted spots. These battles are fought not only on individual skill but also on team coordination and the ability to adapt to rapidly changing situations. Surviving the onslaught of talented opponents adds an intense layer of challenge that only a few can overcome.

The RP System and Skill Disparity:

Achieving the Predator Rank is heavily influenced by the RP (Ranked Points) system in Apex Legends. Players must earn a significant number of RP over multiple ranked matches to steadily climb the ladder. However, this system also exposes them to a potential skill disparity within their matches. Facing opponents who may be far beneath their skill level poses a different kind of challenge, as smaller RP gains for victories against weaker opponents can slow down progress and put more pressure on consistent performance against stronger adversaries.

Mental Stamina and Consistency:

To reach the Predator Rank, players must maintain their focus, composure, and consistency throughout the grind. Sustaining peak performance over an extended period can be mentally taxing, as even a single misstep or loss can significantly impact progress. The pressure to perform at an exceptionally high level can lead to additional stress and anxiety, testing the mental fortitude of those striving for the coveted Predator title.

The Predator Rank in Apex Legends represents the epitome of skill and dedication, demanding players to overcome formidable challenges to attain it. From the ruthless competition and intense grind to the mental strain and skill disparity, the journey to the Predator Rank is arduous and fraught with adversity. Only those who possess exceptional skill, unwavering determination, and a burning passion for the game can rise above the rest and claim their place among the Apex Legends elite. Will you step up to the challenge and chase the Hunter's Mark?


Rank | Tier | LP
Rookie IV
Rookie III
Rookie II
Rookie I
Bronze IV
Bronze III
Bronze II
Bronze I
Silver IV
Silver III
Silver II
Silver I
Gold IV
Gold III
Gold II
Gold I
Platinum IV
Platinum III
Platinum II
Platinum I
Diamond V
Diamond III
Diamond II
Diamond I 
Master| - | 
Predator | - | Top-750 players across the globe

Apex Legends Predator Rank
Apex Legends Predator Rank


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