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Your gear ilvl is very important in every WoW expansion, Wrath of the Lich King is no exception. Getting better gear may be very frustrating, especially if we’re talking about higher levels. But with Kingboost’ services and the variety of options, you have nothing to worry about! Just select the desired ilvl, make an order, and our professional players will gear you up in no time!


  • 200 ilvl Gear Set - obtained by doing Heroic+ Dungeons;
  • 245 ilvl Gear Set - obtained by doing 25-man Trial of the Crusader raid;
  • 251 ilvl gear Set - obtained by doing 10-Players Normal runs Icecrown Citadel raid;
  • 264 ilvl gear Set - obtained by doing 25-Players Normal runs Icecrown Citadel raid;
  • 274 ilvl gear Set - obtained by doing 25-Players Heroic runs Icecrown Citadel raid.


80 level character on WoW Classic account.


The simple answer is because we’re good at what we’re doing. You can make sure of that by looking at the reviews from our customers on Trustpilot. And in addition to that, we are ready to match the price if you’ll somehow find the exact same offer with lower price. Just make an order and see for yourself!

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World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic has been a fan favorite for many years, and one of the aspects that players enjoy most is the gearing system. Gearing up your character can be a long and challenging process, but with the right strategies, you can boost your gear level quickly and efficiently. One such strategy is known as gearing boost.

Gearing boost is a method used by many players to increase their equipment score as fast as possible. The goal of the gearing boost is to acquire as many high-quality gear items as possible in a short amount of time. While there are many methods to do so, the following strategies are some of the most popular and effective ones:

  1. Running Dungeons and Raids – Dungeons and raids are the primary source of end-game gear in WoW Wrath of the Lich King Classic. By running them consistently, you can acquire gear items much faster than other methods. Make sure to prioritize the dungeons and raids that drop the specific gear pieces you need for your class and role.
  2. PvP – Battlegrounds and arenas are another excellent source of gear in WoW. You can earn honor points and arena points by participating in PvP activities, which can be exchanged for high-end PvP gear. Just like with dungeons and raids, make sure to prioritize the items you need for your class and role.
  3. Crafting – Some professions, like blacksmithing and tailoring, allow you to craft high-end gear items. While crafting can be expensive, it can be an excellent way to acquire gear items that are not easily obtainable through other means.
  4. Reputation Grinding – Each faction in WoW Wrath of the Lich King Classic provides different rewards for reaching certain reputation levels. Some factions offer gear items that are best-in-slot for specific classes and roles. Therefore, grinding reputation with these factions can be a great way to acquire gear.
  5. Weekly Quests – Blizzard introduced weekly quests in WoW to encourage players to participate in various activities. Completing these quests can reward you with high-end gear items, making them an excellent source of gearing boost.

In conclusion, gearing boost is a method used by many players to increase their equipment score as fast as possible. By using the strategies mentioned above, you can efficiently acquire high-quality gear items and improve your character's performance in WoW Wrath of the Lich King Classic. However, keep in mind that gearing up your character takes time and effort, so be patient and persistent, and you'll eventually reach your gear goals.



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