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First of all, thanks for your interest in our company! Let’s get on with it.

Some when in the past, long before the release of the World of Warcraft Legion expansion, we were just a team of experienced WoW players. And at some point, we realized that we’d done everything we wanted in the current patch and decided to start helping our friends and their friends to get to the top-tier content of World of Warcraft. At that time, we didn’t know that we were already boosting, but we never asked for anything in return for our service.

We liked the idea that we were the reason why some people were able to reach the content they’d never seen before. You know, it’s kind of sad when you’re paying for the whole game on a regular basis, but a huge part of it remains out of reach for some lame reasons. And if it weren’t for us, some players would’ve never ever even tried the Heroic difficulty of the raids. But as time went by, the number of people asking for help became overwhelming. They even started to offer various rewards so we’d help them out with whatever they needed. That’s when we thought that this may become a real thing, a business.

Unfortunately, we were not the ones to invent boosting, it started long before we came to it. In fact, we just didn’t know that what we were doing all this time was called this way. Kingboost company started in 2016 when the Legion expansion of World of Warcraft was already live. And yes, we’ve started with WoW services since we knew everything about it already.


Even now, many years later, we still like the idea we had before - we are the ones who help regular players to enjoy all of the content included in the game they play and even pay for, in the case of WoW. With this thought in our minds, we continue our work and this is also why we’re good at what we’re doing. We love this job of ours.

That’s why we are determined to keep our prices as low as possible and ready to match them if you’ll find the exact same service cheaper and will link it to our live chat. That’s why our refund policy is simple and transparent. That’s why our services are of a high quality. And that’s why we went from World of Warcraft to other games - Destiny 2, Apex Legends, Lost Ark, Tarkov and many others.


The best prices on the market. If you found cheaper - we’ll match the price, no questions asked.
True 24/7 customer support. No stupid bots, only real people.
High quality of the service - because we care about your order.
Simple and transparent refund policy, we respect your every choice.
Safe payments - professional service at every stage of the deal.
 Thousands of reviews on Trustpilot from real clients.

Flexibility. If you haven’t found something on our site - just text us and we’ll do a custom offer.


There are 3 types of services on Kingboost. Piloted, seflplay and coaching.

Piloted is the most common type of boosting. Our professional player will drive your character to complete the order. We’ll be as stealthy as possible during the service, nobody will notice anything. This type of boost is perfect when you want to do something else while your character is completing the task.

Selfplay is a service when you’re playing yourself with the team of our boosters. This option is not always available but is very good in its own way. Selfplay is perfect when you want to have some fun with experienced players by your side.

Coaching offers are for those who seek knowledge. The goal of this kind of service is not in the specific task completion, it’s in the process itself. Our player will teach you whatever you need to get better in the game - character building, PvE or PvP tactics and so on.


After many years, Kingboost is a huge boosting company with more than 220000 successfully completed orders behind our backs.

83% of the clients who purchased a service from us returned to purchase again. That’s a very important statistic in our job.

We began with World of Warcraft only, but our current list of games we’re working with includes 16 games already and continues to expand. We carefully watch what games our clients play.

Our partner guilds are in the top 100 rankings of the world. Even single boosters can impress you with some truly rare and outstanding achievements.

We are constantly getting better. Even if there’s nothing new in the game for a long time, our players are looking for ways of making existing services better or coming up with new and unique ones.


Of course, everything we’ve said on this page is important. All of this is a result of our work and many years of experience and improvements. But the only real way to understand and feel what all of this means should be quite clear to you - just make an order on Kingboost. See it all for yourself.

If something seems impossible in the game you’re playing, come check our site. We’re pretty sure that you’ll find this kind of service here. And if not - just text us in the live chat or Discord and we’ll make one for you!

We’re always ready to take your order, even right now, no matter what time it is on your clocks while you’re reading this. And if you still have some doubts, text us. We’ll make it all as clear as possible for you.

Have a good one!