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Covenant Renown Level Boost


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Here you can Buy Covenant Renown Level Boost

Buying this service you will get Renown Level Boost.

The rewards for leveling your Covenant are plentiful and unique to every Covenant. To generalize, Renown will allow you to:

  • increase reward item levels for World Quests;
  • improve/repair your Sanctum areas;
  • earn legendary recipes, pets, mounts, and Covenant transmogs;
  • complete the final chapter of your Covenant campaign;
  • unlock an ability to fly in Shadowlands at level 44;
  • increase the maximum possible item level for World Quest rewards at levels 30, 61 and 75;
  • obtain a covenant-specific flying mount at level 45.

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Covenant Renown Level Boost
Covenant Renown Level Boost


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