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Bloody Tokens Farm


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Dragonflight Bloody Tokens Farm

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Starter PvP gearing system has been changed in Dragonflight and now you can buy PvP gear 389 iLvl from Malicia vendor for new currency Bloody Tokens. This PvP equipment is called Drakebreaker gear and it has three PvP Tier Set bonuses that absorb damage, increase movement speed, and the main PvP stat - Versality. These great bonuses depend on how many set items you have equipped, and they will be a strong incentive to start PvP.

What will you get if buy from us?

Drakebreaker gear cost in Bloody Tokens:

  • Bracers, Belts and Cloaks - x100 Bloody Tokens;
  • Shoulders, Boots and Gloves - x150 Bloody Tokens;
  • Helms, Legs and Chests - x200 Bloody Tokens;
  • Weapons and Off-hands - x250 Bloody Tokens.


PvP can be hard and frustrating, But with us, any PvP-related challenge becomes quick and simple. Our conquest weekly cap service is executed in two different modes. The necessary mode can be chosen while making an order. This boost is performed in “selfplay” and “piloted” methods. Each one has advantages and disadvantages.

The “Piloted” method is quick and effective. During it, our professional PvP gamer controls your character, reaches victory, and earns the necessary amount of conquest points. The process can be streamed online so you can monitor the progress at any given time. You will be immediately notified about the start and the end of the service.

The “Selfplay” method is an interesting one. You become a part of a professional boosting team and start fighting by yourself. With our help, you will be able to become a team of winners who know no fear and no defeat. “Selfplay” boosting is an effective way of improving your PvP skills and gaining a lot of precious experience.


While the main emphasis on the game is made on PvE content, PvP activities also play a very important role. They are presented in three main categories: world-PvP, Arena, and Battlegrounds. Bloody Tokens are earned mainly on Arena and Rated Battlegrounds. The first win of the day will bring the biggest amount of points, each next brings a smaller number. Most of the best PvP gear cannot be unlocked with a single Bloody Tokens cap. If you want to get the rarest rewards, you have to complete a cap two or more times. For most of the players, PvP content is a source of constant frustration. Firstly, you have to find a reliable team who will help you to reach the necessary amount of points. For players without membership in a high-skilled guild that can be a very difficult problem, as playing with random teammates is almost senseless. Secondly, conquest points are earned only for victories. If you lose you don’t get conquest points at all. It adds to the amount of time necessary for farming a Bloody Tokens.

This is why you need a Dragonflight Bloody Tokens boosting. And we are ready to offer it to you. Our boosting services are safe, effective, and cheap. With us, you can forget about the necessity to farm a Bloody Tokens by yourself. Our boosts will protect your time and nerves for one of the best prices on the market.

Why choose Kingboost among others?

The answer is simple: we are offering the cheapest price among competitors and keep following high standards with that price, it's confirmed by our 4.9*/5 stars rating on Trustpilot from over 5000 customers. We are always ready to price match if you find cheaper!

If you still have any questions regarding boosts ask us please via LiveChat or through discord (KingBoost#9518)


70 level must be reached;

Overall item level of your gear must be 356 or more

Bloody Tokens Farm
Bloody Tokens Farm


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