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Weapon Mastery 1-20 Leveling


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New world Weapon Mastery

New World Weapon Mastery Boost is a perfect method of reaching the maximum level of efficiency with a desired weapon category in the game. New World Weapon Mastery boosting will help you to increase the strength of your character and provide you with the ability to use any weapon in the game you want without the necessity of spending your free time farming weapon skill points. In order to increase weapon mastery in New World, you have to simply use your weapon as long as possible. The higher your mastery - the more weapons skills to use you get. However, it is very difficult to play the game without high weapon mastery, as you will not be able to use several types of arms at once.

Buy New World Weapon Mastery Boosting service and guarantee yourself a weapon mastery boosted for any chosen armory category in the game. Save your time and nerves by trusting our New World Weapon Mastery boost.


  • A chosen weapon tree will be maxed to the 20 levels. You can choose a tree while making an order;
  • Maximum level of efficiency gives you 20 skill points to put in the tree;
  • You will be able to choose any desired perks and skills for the chosen weapon category;
  • During Weapons Mastery boost we will create a talents build depending on your wishes and necessities.

ETA: New World Weapon Mastery boosting can be completed within 3 days after the start of the boost.


Weapon Mastery boosting is simple and effective. It will save your free time and protect your nerves from the boring and monotonous skill points farming process. Firstly you have to choose a weapon tree you want to improve. After that our online support will contact you and provide you with all the necessary information about the boost. You will be able to decide how to build a skill tree and what abilities to choose from during the boost. You will be notified about both the start and the end of the boosting service. Our professional boosters will complete weapon mastery service within the indicated terms. You are able to set up specific additional options if you need to complete a narrow task that requires specific activities.

If you still have any questions regarding boosts ask us please via LiveChat or through discord (kingboost#2583)


New World account.

60 level character.

A necessary weapon must be in the bag at the start of the boost.

Weapon Mastery 1-20 Leveling
Weapon Mastery 1-20 Leveling


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