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Refining Trade Skills 1-200


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Refining Trade Skills Boost Service

Buy Refining Trade Skills New World Boost Service to reach the highest level of mastery for a chosen refining skill tree. In the New World you have to learn two types of skills: weapons and trade. Trade skills can become a constant source of profit for players who could reach the highest level available. With refining you will be able to create more effective resources from gathered ones. Higher your refining skills - better resources you get. These resources can be sold for a good price or be used for creating endgame gear. Refining Trade Skills Boost Service will help you to improve your refining skills as quickly as possible.

Without refining you will not be able to craft high-level items. However, it can take a huge amount of free time to reach the maximum level of refining skills. Some players can spend dozens of hours on this monotonous process of EXP farming. With our professional boosters you will be able to reach a maximum level of mastery for a chosen refining skill tree for one of the lowest prices on the market.


  • A desired mastery level of a chosen refining skill tree;
  • All of the resources available for refining will be unlocked;
  • You will keep all the resources and other items that can be earned during the boosting service.


Refining Trade Skills Boosting Service is executed via “piloted” boosting mode. You choose a desired refining skill tree and our professional boosters complete everything else. Boost starts at a scheduled time. Our online support will notify you about the end of the service immediately.

If you still have any questions regarding boosts ask us please via LiveChat or through discord (kingboost#2583)


New World account with minimum 50 level character

Refining Trade Skills 1-200
Refining Trade Skills 1-200


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