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Logging Gathering Trade Skills


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Gathering Trade Skills Boosting Service

Gathering Trade Skills Boosting Service is an effective way of reaching a maximum skill level as quickly as possible. Trade Skills are very important for effective character development. Among various trade skills categories, the gathering is considered to be one of the most profitable. It is a constant source of resources that can be both sold for a good price or used to create rare gear and items. With our Gathering Trade Skills Boost, you will be able to reach maximum

However, not all resources are available for gathering at the start of the game. To mine rare ore, log ironwood, or harvest wirefiber you have to reach the highest level of skill. This will unlock all resources for gathering and make your character much richer in the future. Yet, it is a monotonous process that can take dozens of hours to be completed. To save your time and nerves - buy Gathering Trade Skills Boosting Service.


  • As the Gathering Trade Skills boost ends, your character will obtain a chosen gathering skills level.
  • All of the resources available for gathering can be unlocked by boosting up to 175 level.
  • You keep all the lot and other items that can be obtained during the boost.


Gathering Trade Skills Boost is performed in “piloted” mode. Your character will be controlled by a professional gamer until the necessary skill level is reached. Our booster starts the execution of the service at a chosen time. You will be notified about the results immediately after the end of the boosting.

If you still have any questions regarding boosts ask us please via LiveChat or through discord (kingboost#2583)


New World account with minimum 50 level

Logging Gathering Trade Skills
Logging Gathering Trade Skills


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