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Territory standing boost


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New World Territory Standing Boosting

Buy New World Territory Standing Boosting to level up your reputation to the maximum 300 cap in every territory in the game. It is an important gameplay element that cannot be skipped. This lengthy process can take dozens of hours of your time, but with Territory Standing Boost, the farming process will be done much quicker.

Territory standing is a New World take on reputation system presented in many other games. Eachi activity you complete within a specific zone will be rewarded not only with loot and EXP, but also with reputation points. As you increase reputation, you unlock various bonuses that help you to develop your character. You can gain XP boost, lowered trading taxes and other useful bonuses on the chosen territory. However, reaching a reputation cap is a long and difficult task. With our Territory Standing Boost, you can earn maximum reputation as quickly as possible.


Territory Standing level cap reached for a chosen zone;

Desired Territory Standing bonuses chosen;

You get all the gold, items, gear and other loot that can be obtained during the boost.


We perform Territory Standing Boost in a “piloted’ mode. Our professional booster completes a necessary task by controlling your character, saving your own free time and energy. The service starts at a comfortable time for you. We will contact you to discuss the details and set up a schedule. You will be notified about the start and the end of the boosting execution.

If you still have any questions regarding boosts ask us please via LiveChat or through discord (kingboost#2583)


15+ Character for: Everfall; Monarch's Bluffs; Windsward; First Light

30+ Character for: Cutlass Keys; Weaver's Fen; Restless Shores

40+ Character for: Brightwood; Mourningdale; Great Cleave

55+ Character for: Edengrove; Shattered Mountain/p>

Territory standing boost
Territory standing boost


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