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New World Expeditions Boost

New World Expeditions Boost is an effective method for completing any expedition in the game with maximum results. With the help of our professional boosters, you can quickly deal with all bosses, complete expedition-related quests and get the maximum amount of rewards. Expeditions are one of the first hardcore activities that become available to players at level 25. Preparation for expeditions also takes a lot of time, as it includes watching tutorials and guides, gearing, and obtaining a Tuning Orb. Still, every player wants the best rewards in the game, and expeditions are one of the main sources of these rewards.

Expeditions are analogous to dungeons from other games in this genre. They have stronger and more tenacious mobs, and in several areas bosses are sure to be found - the most powerful enemies in the game. Most often, they have certain gameplay mechanics that require prior study. A team of 3-5 players is required to complete the dungeon. There are no strictly defined roles in the team, but most often a healer and a tank are necessarily present in it. Finding a team is one of the biggest challenges players face. Completing an expedition as part of a randomly assembled one is a very difficult and nerve-racking process. Therefore, our New World Expedition Boost is one of the most popular services in our catalog.


Full completion of a chosen Expedition;

Various loot, including gold, gear, resources, consumable items and other rewards;

List of Expeditions available for boosting:

Amrine Excavations - a digging site where a team of archaeologists went missing. It is the first Expedition that becomes available for players.

Scarstone Barrows - this expedition can be unlocked only on 35+ level. This is the point where players meet new difficulties.

The Depths - expedition with two bosses for 45+ level characters.

Dynasty Shipyard - two boss encounters, one miniboss and a necessity to reach 55+ level. The difficulty bar continues to rise.

Lazarus Instrumentality - one of two expeditions that is available only for characters who have reached 60 level cap. By opinions of some players - the most difficult expedition in the game.

Garden of Genesis - a second 60 level-only expedition. Two bosses and one miniboss will try to stop the players.


We perform Expeditions boosting services in a “piloted” mode. As you choose a necessary expedition and pay for an order, we immediately contact you to schedule a time when a booster will take your character under control and perform an expedition run. Time of execution and type of rewards depends on a chosen expedition.

If you still have any questions regarding boosts ask us please via LiveChat or through discord (kingboost#2583)


Character with at least a 55+ level

Lazarus Instrumentality Boost
Lazarus Instrumentality Boost


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