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New World Boosting services are an effective method of completing any difficult challenge in this new MMORPG. Kingboost's professional boosting team is ready to deal with any task that you find problematic in the New World. We offer a great variety of New World Carry services from basic powerleveling to territory standing. With us, you will quickly prepare your character for the incoming endgame content and successfully reach top positions on your server, unlocking the best gear and obtaining the maximum possible level of your character.

What is New World Boosting?

New World Boosting is your way to deal with all the challenges this game can offer. New World is a relatively new MMORPG that combines both classic and totally new gameplay elements together, creating a unique mix of usual MMO and brand-new action RPG. Main emphasis in New World is made on completing most of the content in solo, without a group. There is no quick group finder, so you have to communicate with other players by yourself if necessary. New World is considered to be a hardcore game, especially in comparasion to other modern MMORPGs. The amount of content it offers is overwhelming and not everyone is ready to deal with it by himself. Additionally, it has a lot of sandbox elements, so it requires some time to be fully learned and mastered. This game quickly conquers popularity and love of the players. Be sure that you will not miss your opportunity to become one of the best New World gamers during the first year after the release.

At New World players will find a combination between basic mechanics of the genre and new gameplay elements. New World Carry services apply to both categories.

  1. We complete power leveling of your character so you can quickly start endgame content;
  2. We improve crafting, fighting, trading, weaponry and any other type of skills this game has, so you can get a fully prepared character as quickly as possible;
  3. We are ready to farm any amount of gold and other resources in the game;
  4. We will help you to finish expeditions - the local analogue of usual MMORPG dungeons. You will become a part of a professional team consisting of 5 boosters;
  5. We are ready to complete all the “territory standing” challenges. “Territory standing” is a New World reputation system, it provides you with rare and important rewards;

Some of the systems that New World has can confuse even experienced MMORPG veterans. This is the main reason for the game’s popularity and the game's boosting services. This is not the full list of available New World boosting services. If you have a narrow, specific task that requires a professional approach - feel free to contact us at any time. We will set up the most suitable boosting service just for you.

How much does a New World Carry cost?

The Cost of New World Boosting services depends on the type and difficulty of the desired boost. Yet we can say for sure that our prices are one of the lowest on the market. We were able to reach such results thanks to our team that consists only of experienced professionals. Even though the game is new, we have already established the most effective ways of completing any boosting services. This is why we can be sure that our services are completed quickly and the price can be as low as possible. Check our catalogue to learn more about New World Boosting services.