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The Malmstones Series 2 Boost


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FFXIV The Malmstones Series 2

 Start: 5-15 Minutes |  ETA: Flexible

Buy Series Malmstones Boost and complete up to 30 series levels, obtaining unique rewards for every 5 levels up to 25.

What will you get if buy from us?

  • Desired level of Series Malmstones;
  • Unique rewards every 5 levels up to level 25;
  • False Monarchy Attire Coffer for the 25th level;
  • 1000 Trophy Crystals for every other level;
  • Series and PvP Experience.

Unique rewards

  • Rank 5 - Ballroom Etiquette - Heartfelt Sincerity;
  • Rank 10 - Aramitama Framer's Kit;
  • Rank 15 - Rubellite Weapon Minion;
  • Rank 20 - Nigimitama Framer's Kit;
  • Rank 25 - Traveling Supporter Identification Key.

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Level 30+ job

The Malmstones Series 2 Boost
The Malmstones Series 2 Boost


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