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Pandaemonium Savage Raid Boost


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FFXIV Pandaemonium Savage Raid

 Start: 10-15 Minutes  |  ETA: 1-2 days 

Savage raid rewards generously with the best gear in the game, unique mounts and minions.

Pandaemonium has two sections: Asphodelos (P1S–P4S) and Abyssos (P5S–P8S). Abyssos was released in patch 6.2 and is the latest raiding content available.

What will you get if buy from us?

  • Pandaemonium: Anabaseios (Savage), Abyssos (Savage) or Asphodelos (Savage) full run;
  • P9S-P12S — Anabaseios — 660/665 ilvl loot, Megaloambystoma mount, and Wind-up Athenaminion;
  • P5S–P8S — Abyssos — 630/635 ilvl loot, Sunforged mount, and Wind-up Ericthonios minion;
  • P1S–P4S — Asphodelos — 600/605 ilvl loot, Demi-Phoinix mount, Nosferatu minion;
  • Each stage Abyssos or Asphodelos Mythos token to exchange for gear;
  • Achievement for the chosen section completion.

Additional options

  • Unlock Savage — we will complete Abyssos on normal to get access to the Savage mode;
  • Pentamelded gear — we will craft 640 ilvl Pentamelded gear for your character;
  • Stream — we will stream for you.

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Level 90 job;

PC license - FFXIV Online Complete Edition;

Your job is geared in 640 ilvl gear at least;

You have completed the ordered raid section on Normal difficulty.

Pandaemonium Savage Raid Boost
Pandaemonium Savage Raid Boost


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