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Woods is a large open forest location and many players underestimate this raid. Woods is a home location for the Shturman boss who can spawn there and also there is a large amount of loot we can carry from this raid for you! Just make an order!


  • Lots of valuable items;
  • Chance to kill Shturman boss;
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For selfplay method, your PMC should have full health and no injuries, hunger, or thrist.


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The Woods Raid in Escape from Tarkov: A Challenging Endeavor

Escape from Tarkov, developed by Battlestate Games, has gained immense popularity among hardcore shooter enthusiasts for its realistic gameplay and intense combat scenarios. One of the most challenging and thrilling raids within the game is the Woods raid. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of the Woods raid, exploring its unique features, challenges, and strategies that players can employ to increase their chances of survival.

Overview of the Woods Raid:

The Woods raid takes place in a dense forested area on the outskirts of the fictional city of Tarkov. It offers a diverse and expansive environment, featuring both open fields and dense foliage, making it ideal battleground for long-range engagements and stealthy maneuvers. The raid is known for its high-risk, high-reward nature, as it presents players with numerous opportunities for lucrative loot, but also exposes them to formidable AI-controlledavengers and other skilled players.

Challenges Faced in the Woods Raid:

Terrain and Navigation: Navigating through the dense woods can be a daunting task, especially for newcomers. The lack of clear landmarks and the presence of thick vegetation make it easy to get disoriented and lose track of your position. Familiarizing yourself with key landmarks and utilizing maps or compasses can greatly aid in navigation.

Long-Range Engagements: The Woods raid is notorious for its long-range firefights. The vast open areas provide ample opportunities for snipers and marksmen to take advantage of elevated positions and cover. Surviving in such encounters requires careful positioning, effective use cover, and accurate long-range shooting skills.

AI Scavengers: The Woods raid is infested with AI-controlled Scavengers who are hostile towards players. These AI opponents are often well-equipped and possess sharpshooting abilities, making them formidable adversaries. Players must exercise caution and employ stealthy tactics to avoid attracting unnecessary attention or becoming overwhelmed by their numbers.

Player Scavengers: In addition to AI-controlled Scavengers, the Woods raid is a popular destination for other players looking to secure valuable loot. The presence of skilled opponents adds an element of unpredictability and danger to the raid. Engaging in player-versus-player combat requires quick reflexes, effective communication, and a thorough understanding of the map's layout.

Strategies for Success:

Prioritize Stealth: Given the dense foliage and potential threats lurking around every corner, maintaining a low profile and moving quietly can significantly increase your chances of survival. Avoid unnecessary gunfire and use suppressors when engaging enemies to minimize noise and reduce the risk of attracting unwanted attention.

Scout and Plan Ahead: Before embarking on a Woods raid, take the time to study the map and identify key landmarks, extraction points, and potential loot locations. Having a solid plan in mind will help you navigate the terrain more efficiently and make informed decisions during intense encounters.

Teamwork and Communication: Coordinating with teammates or forming alliances with other players can greatly enhance your chances of success. Sharing information about enemy positions, coordinating flanking maneuvers, and providing covering fire are all crucial aspects of surviving the Woods raid.

Loadout Preparation: As the Woods raid often involves long-range engagements, equipping yourself with a suitable loadout is essential. Opt for weapons with good accuracy and range, along with appropriate optics for scouting and engaging targets at a distance. Additionally, carrying sufficient medical supplies and ammunition is vital for sustaining yourself throughout the raid.

The Woods raid in Escape from Tarkov offers a challenging and immersive experience for players seeking intense firefights and high-stakes looting opportunities. Navigating through the dense forest, engaging both AI-controlled Scavengers and other players, and surviving long-range encounters require a combination of skill, strategy, and adaptability. By employing stealth, planning ahead, working as a team, and equipping yourself appropriately, you can increase your chances of emerging victorious from the Woods raid and securing valuable loot in the process.



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