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Become a much better player in Escape From Tarkov with our Coaching service!

EFT is well-known as a hardcore game with almost zero tolerance towards new and low-skilled players. And becoming better when you’re constantly getting one-tapped out of nowhere in every single raid is just a very, very hard task for any player. That’s why our coaching service exists!

If you want to make profit from every raid run, to stop being a victim on the map and become the predator, to raise your map knowledge or become better in any other aspect of the game - make an order of our awesome EFT coaching service!


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Coaching in Escape from Tarkov: Why Do You Need It?

Escape from Tarkov (EFT) is an intense and challenging online first-person shooter game known for its realism. It offers an unforgiving environment filled with scavenging enemies, limited resources, and the constant fear of losing your hard-earned loot. While EFT offers an enthralling experience, it can be overwhelming for beginners or players looking to improve their skills. This is where coaching comes in to provide valuable guidance and assistance.

Coaching in EFT involves partnering with an experienced player who acts as a mentor, offering strategic advice, teaching game mechanics, and providing support throughout your journey. Whether you are a new player or someone aiming to take their skills to the next level, coaching can be immensely beneficial for several reasons.

  1. Learning Game Mechanics: EFT has a deep and complex gameplay system, including weapon customization, ballistics, character skills, and more. Understanding these mechanics can be daunting, but a coach can simplify them and help you grasp the core concepts. From how to properly aim and shoot to effectively looting and handling inventory management, a coach can teach you the basics and gradually introduce advanced tactics.
  2. Tailored Skill Development: Each player has unique strengths and weaknesses. A skilled coach will assess your abilities and develop a training plan tailored to your specific needs. They will identify areas where you struggle and provide tips, strategies, and exercises to help you overcome challenges. By focusing on your weaknesses, a coach helps you improve faster than you would on your own.
  3. Developing Game Awareness: Escape from Tarkov is heavily reliant on game awareness. Knowing the maps, understanding player behavior, and predicting potential encounters are crucial skills to survive and succeed. A coach who has spent countless hours in the game can share their knowledge and guide you through each map, teaching you where to find rare loot, strategic positions, and how to approach different scenarios.
  4. Minimizing Frustration: EFT can be brutal and punishing, especially for new players. Frequent deaths and losing valuable items can quickly become frustrating, potentially leading to a loss of interest. A coach can help ease this frustration by offering emotional support, sharing their experiences, and providing motivation during challenging times. They can teach you how to stay calm under pressure and analyze mistakes constructively, turning setbacks into learning opportunities.
  5. Maximizing Efficiency: EFT is a time-consuming game, and efficiency can greatly impact your progress. Coaches can teach you time-saving techniques, optimal routes, and effective strategies to maximize your efficiency in each raid. By making the most out of your resources and time, you can accomplish more in-game tasks and acquire valuable items faster.

Coaching in Escape from Tarkov can significantly enhance your gaming experience and propel your skills to new heights. From learning game mechanics and improving gameplay tactics to providing emotional support and maximizing efficiency, a coach serves as a mentor guiding you through the challenges EFT presents. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player looking for an edge, investing in coaching can be a worthwhile decision that will enhance your enjoyment and success within the game.






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