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Buy the Necrochasm Exotic Auto Rifle – the newest Raid Weapon from the Crota's End. The Necrochasm is not an entirely new weapon, and the way to obtain this returning exotic from the original Destiny is quite similar. We will pick up and complete the quest inside the Crota's End Raid and upgrade the Legendary Auto Rifle to an Exotic one, binding it with the Essence of the Oversoul, which drops from the raid bosses with a very low chance. 

Don't waste your time on a crazy long quest farm. Buy the Nechrochasm now, and get a fine addition to your Weapons of Sorrow collection!


  • Necrochasm Exotic Auto Rifle;
  • Chance to loot Armor and Weapons from Crota's End Raid;
  • Experience for the Season Pass and Artifact.


  • 1810+ Light Level or use our powerleveling services to catch up with the current power cap if necessary.


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The Necrochasm is a new raid exotic drop and is the last of the known Weapons of Sorrow, alongside Thorn, Touch of Malice, and Osteo Striga. Its exotic trait, the Cursebringer, triggers powerful explosions on precision final blows, similar to those of the Hive Thrall ones. Now is your chance to complete the collection and gather all four weapons in your armory!

To acquire the Exotic, players must complete multiple complex tasks and upgrade the weapon twice. It all starts with the Bottomless Pit Quest inside the Crota's End Raid – players will receive a common quality auto rifle called Husk of the Pit, which must be hardened in battle and upgraded into the Legendary Eidolon Ally Auto Rifle. This weapon is basically a demo of what the Necrochasm will be once you complete the next step and combine it with 20 Essence of the Oversoul. 

Essence is farmable and can drop from any Crota's End Raid Encounters, but the drop chance is awfully low, so completing the quest will take quite a while. The best-case scenario for any Destiny player would be to outsource this tedious farming. Otherwise, you can spend days of non-stop farming and only get a few essences with a random drop. Only the first weekly clear gives you a guaranteed Essence of the Oversoul per account.

Additionally, you can get a few guaranteed Essences by completing the raid challenges and Triumphs. These are one-time rewards and can speed the process up.

Necrochasm Boost
Necrochasm Boost


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