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Apex Legends Boost — Apex Legends Carry FAQ

Why people buy Apex Boosting services?

Apex Legends is a very popular and highly competitive game of battle royale genre that requires immense skills, strategy, and teamwork to succeed. However, getting good at the game and climbing up the ranks can be a daunting task, especially for new or casual players. That's where Apex Legends boosting comes in.

Boosting services offer an efficient and effective way to progress through Apex Legends in any possible aspect of it. Professional boosters are experienced and skilled players who can help you achieve your desired rank or complete any task quickly and easily. They can also provide valuable tips and advice on how to improve your gameplay, including teamwork, weapon selection, legend pick, map knowledge, and more.

Moreover, Apex Legends boosting services are convenient and time-saving. Rather than spending countless hours grinding for something, you can simply hire a booster to do the work for you. This allows you to focus on some real-life things you have to do and then enjoy the game without the stress.

Another benefit of Apex Legends boosting services is the ability to unlock exclusive rewards and achievements. Higher ranks come with unique rewards such as skins, badges, and loot boxes, which can enhance your overall gaming experience.

In conclusion, Apex Legends boosting is a great way to reach your desired rank or complete any other challenge quickly and efficiently. It can save you time and effort while also enabling you to unlock exclusive rewards and improve your gameplay. Whether you're a new player looking to level up or a seasoned veteran seeking to climb the ranks, Apex Legends boosting services can help you achieve your goals.

Can Apex Legends Boosting help me?

It can help anyone, including you! We have lots of various services and everyone will find something to purchase. And even if not, we can set up a custom order for you!

What services can I buy for Apex?

Rank Boost

Rank system is the most competitive feature of Apex Legends. Competing with other players is not easy, and in ranked it’s even harder. Just a few players can get to high ranks, and the highest rank, Predator, includes only 750 players across the world. This seems unachievable for a regular player, but our boosters are no regular players, they are professionals and will get you to any desired rank in Apex Legends.


You can have up to 3 badges on your Legend’s card in the game. Your allies can see it and you enemies will see it if you’ll be in the Champion Squad at the beginning of the match. These badges represent your skill and achievements, so many players are trying to get them. Some of them are insanely hard, like getting 20 kills or dealing 4000 damage in a single match. This may be even harder than rank climbing, so if you struggle with any badge - just let us know and we’ll get it done!


Sometimes just getting to the rank is not enough, you want to get better at the game and to climb even higher, that’s why coaching exists. Coaching is a process where you play with high-rank players, they analize your gameplay and teach you how to get better with your gunplay, movement, tactics, and everything else. And it works! Getting from Rookie to Diamond, for example, is actually possible if you’ll purchase a few hours of coaching.

Other services

We have lots of services apart from what we’ve mentioned above. Account leveling, Battle Pass leveling, wins farm, kills farm, and more. Just browse our Apex Legends category, or make a custom order!

Custom orders

If you haven’t found what you’re after on our website, feel free to text us! We’ll set up a custom order for you with clear price, start and completions times and will provide you with any details you’ll ask for.

Why should I choose your Apex Legends Carry Service?

  1. You’re getting the best price. And that's not a marketing trick. If you’ll find the same service with lower price, we’ll match it without a problem. It is a win-win for both of us.
  2. Friendly and helpful customer service. We can answer any questions about Apex Legends because we're passionate gamers as well! Just tell us what you want and we’ll find the best service for your goal.
  3. Only skilled and trusted boosters. Check out our reviews, we work with the professionals. We really care about the quality of our service.
  4. We are responsible for our words. If we do not complete your service on time, we will refund the money.
  5. We never deceive our customers. We always say things as it is and do not exaggerate. We believe that it is better to say less and do more than the other way around.
  6. While boosting, we are keeping your account secure by using the VPN of your city and country. For payments security we use SSL certificate and PayPal secured payments.

Our services are available for any region and platform. We can boost your character with selfplay and piloted mode. We're ready to change any service to your liking.

Got any questions about Apex Boosting? We work 24/7, 365 days per year so you can write to us via chat on the website. Our operators will be glad to help you!