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World of Warcraft Beginner's Guide

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World of Warcraft is a huge MMORPG that has been the sole leader of the genre since its release. For 15 years now, the game has been constantly evolving, a huge amount of content has been added, and the storyline is replenished with new events and characters that deepen the already detailed lore of the game. In WoW, players will find a huge variety of different activities. The most demanding gamer will not get bored. Performing incredibly complex mythic dungeons and raids, a variety of casual content, many different gameplay mechanics, several types of PvP content - each player will find something interesting for himself.

However, the release of each new expansion changed the game significantly. If previously the main difficulties faced by players were leveling and raiding, now players will have to deal with a wide variety of game elements, farming of various resources, and the need to master the ever-changing meta of the game. This article is dedicated to beginners. Those who are just starting their adventure in this game most likely will not be able to deal with most of the challenges that lie ahead on their own. And we are ready to help.

What do you need to know before you start?

First and foremost advice: get the most out of the game. WoW is not only about endless resource farming, nervous e-sport raiding, and trying to get the best gear in the game. This game offers a huge and interesting world in which various epic events take place. When leveling your character, approach the process measuredly and gradually, take your time to reach the endgame stage. In the first few tens of hours, you will master the basic gameplay mechanics, get your first rare loot and understand if you want to move to the next level of the game.

Your first steps

The new story starts with a new character. It is the first thing to do in every MMO, and WoW is not an exception. In the modern retail version of the game, you can choose the race depending on your taste, as racial bonuses will not affect your experience for most of the time. Yet, you should know that races are divided into two main factions: Alliance and Horde. If you want to play with your friends, you have to choose the same faction. Class choice is much more important than race choice. The style of play and your role in the team will depend on your choice. All of the classes have specs that can change your role too.

The latest Shadowlands update changed the leveling process and made WoW more beginner-friendly. A special training zone has been added: Exile's Reach. On this small island, you will be taught the basic gameplay elements and even allowed to go through the first game dungeon, but without the participation of real players. After that, you will go to the previous expansion - Battle for Azeroth and spend most of the leveling there, up to level 50. If you bought Shadowlands, then you can start exploring the content of the new expansion only after you reach level 50. Most of the leveling process is easy. In modern WoW, it is difficult to make a mistake while creating a character’s build and choose the wrong skills, since at any time you can replace the set of available abilities while in the zones designated for this. After you reach the level cap on one of the characters, you can start exploring the previous additions. To do this, you need to visit an NPC named Chromie, which is located in the capital of your faction.

Communication is the key

Even though WoW has become more convenient for solo players over time, without a reliable team, you still cannot participate in endgame content. Finding an active guild should be taken care of as quickly as possible already at the stage of character leveling. Moreover, the game becomes much more fun when you find friends. You can quickly and efficiently complete dungeons, participate in PvP battles and simply explore the world together with your mates. MMORPG is a social genre, and much of WoW is still built on the need to interact with other players. And there is nothing better than visiting one of the taverns on Sunday evening and meeting many interesting people from different parts of the world.

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