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What is WoW Character Boost?

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The world of World of Warcraft is full of events. The battles of professional players go down in history, world and local ratings are formed, powerful guilds are created. But when the character is at the beginning of the game path, many exciting actions are not yet available - someone lacks experience, someone does not have devastating weapons or high-quality equipment.

We do boring, uninteresting work for the players. We do WoW character boost. The accumulation of experience points and resources is associated with a routine long-term game without any active, exciting actions, but this is a must to participate in the epic events of the WoW world.

Our services:

We help beginners and experienced players reach the pinnacle of skill. The list of our services includes the following:

· Boosting the WoW account - a rapid increase in the values of experience, reputation and other necessary skills of the character;
· Collecting of resources and valuable game currencies to the desired values;
· Victory over bosses and raid bosses;
· Provision of unique mounts, including the rarest ones;
· Receiving selected achievements and awards;
· Victory in PvP battles;
· Providing an account or clan with top positions in the ratings.

By contacting us, you get an effective boost in the gaming world. Leveling WoW characters in a short time and at low prices. We help players with any version of the add-ons, including the latest to date - World of Warcraft Legion.

How are wow boost working?

Immediately after the application, our team takes it to work, providing the applicant with the shortest possible deadlines. We do the dirty work, and you can concentrate on meaningful and exciting events, effectively reaching the pinnacle of excellence. Responsible attitude to each order will not leave indifferent the most demanding client.

Not every player has time to upgrade their account and complete difficult quests, accumulate the necessary currencies. The KingBoost team will do all the boring, painstaking work for you to upgrade your account while you are busy with your studies, work, and other important matters.

We value every customer who has applied and are focused on long-term mutually beneficial cooperation in boosting either level boost or raid carry, therefore we guarantee high-quality services at a low price. The support service promptly reviews individual orders.

When the client's tasks are completed, additional bonuses and rewards are accumulated, we provide all this in the form of a bonus to the service absolutely free.

Is shadowlands boost safe?

In our work, we use unprecedented security measures. The client's account is 100% protected and is in the safe hands of our team. All conditions of the service are fulfilled in strict accordance with the agreed order. To get more information about safety read FAQ.

We work cleanly, without using cheats and other illegal tricks, nothing that can attract the attention of the game server moderators.

For the safety of interests, it is recommended to carefully read the rules for the provision of the selected service and clarify the details of interest before ordering. You can also negotiate additional conditions and wishes.