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Vault of the Incarnates | Awakened Raid Normal and Heroic


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COMPLETION TIME: Up to 40 Minutes

Complete the WoW Dragonflight Vault of the Incarnates | Awakened Raid on Heroic difficulty without any trouble by making an order at Kingboost!

Raiding is the pinnacle of PvE content in World of Warcraft. It’s always been and will be this way. And it just can’t be easy - if you want to get the best possible PvE gear, you’ve got to be well-prepared, just like the rest of your raiding team which you also have to find first. Awakened Raids are even harder, so this content is definitely not for everyone. And if you’re struggling with completing this raid - we’ve got your back!

Make an order at Kingboost and we’ll complete the Normal Vault of the Incarnates | Awakened Raid for you!

If you order a time slot that isn't available, we will offer you the next upcoming one.


  • Vault of the Incarnates | Awakened full raid completion on Normal difficulty;
  • Chance to get 493-502 ilvl gear;
  • Various Achievements for defeating bosses and completing Normal Vault of the Incarnates;
  • All other loot and gold your character will get during the boost.


All players roll for the loot that dropped from the bosses. These rolls are random, so we can’t tell you how many items you will walk away with. Just like in any other usual raid run.

  • Group Loot - you will roll all the loot with other players, all the loot which you win will be yours, pay attention that with that basic Group Loot you have no loot sometimes raiders may give you items, but it's up to them;
  • Guaranteed slots - Raid with insurance & "bad luck" protection - In case you do not receive the specified number of items, your raid will be rescheduled at no additional cost to you to grab the rest of items.
    Kindly note that items for "guaranteed slots" option can be random, we don't guarantee that it will be only items that is BiS for you. Guaranteed items are not counted as specific items of your choice but as a agreed amount of items you end your raid with. In such runs boosters allowed to roll on items to allocate them across customers at the end of the raid;
  • Armor and Token Priority - ATP (ONLY for full run, 9/9) - we will make sure that there will be 0 other players who wear same armor type as you are, so that you will get all the items for your armor type guaranteed. Please note, that rings, weapons, necks, trinkets, and backs are rolled, and not guaranteed while chosen that option. At least 2 slots guaranteed in that raid;
  • Full priority - Exclusive (ONLY for full run, 9/9) - you will get all suitable loot from armor and tier set tokens to non-set gear, trinkets, and weapons without limitation because you will be the only customer in the raid group. In most cases, 2-3 gear pieces of various types are dropped from every boss, but we can add more unsaved players with clear CDs to increase the number of loot even more.


  • 70 level character;
  • Fresh cooldown on VotI Normal Raid.


The simple answer is because we’re good at what we’re doing. You can make sure of that by looking at the reviews from our customers on Trustpilot. And in addition to that, we are ready to match the price if you’ll somehow find the exact same offer with a lower price. Just make an order and see for yourself!

If you still have any questions regarding boosts, please text us in the LiveChat.

Vault of the Incarnates | Awakened Raid Normal and Heroic
Vault of the Incarnates | Awakened Raid Normal and Heroic


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