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WoW Gladiator Boost

WoW Gladiator Boost will be your perfect method of obtaining the highest possible PvP rating and unlocking a prestigious “Gladiator” title. Achievement with the same name is considered to be the most difficult to unlock with only 0.5% of accounts that successfully earned it. It is not surprising that to unlock the “Gladiator” achievement you must conquer top positions on the PvP leaderboards. To obtain the “Gladiator” title you have to successfully earn 50 wins playing with a 2400 rating on 3v3 Arena. Buy Gladiator WoW boosting service and our team of professional PvP players will do everything necessary to get this achievement. Reaching a 2400 rating is also included in this Gladiator boost.

Start time: 3-5 days. ETA - 20-30 days. + Stream for free.


  • “Gladiator Season 4” Achievement earned;
  • “Gladiator” title unlocked;
  • You also get a special seasonal mount - Cosmic Gladiator's Soul Eater as a reward;
  • 50 wins on 2400+ rating on the 3v3 Arena earned;

“Gladiator” title is permanent after you have first earned it.


Most of the players believe that it is impossible to unlock the “Gladiator” title. Yet, with the help of our gladiator carry you can quickly become the best PvP player in the world and bear the “Gladiator” title. This title above your nickname will be a demonstration of skills and experience to other players.

WoW Gladiator Boost execution is simple. Check the service requirements first before placing an order. Make an order and send the payment when you are sure about your choice. Our online support will immediately contact you to provide you with all the necessary information about the boost. This service can be executed only in “piloted” mode. Our professional gamer will complete the challenge while controlling your hero. The boost starts as quickly as we can when a team of boosters is assigned to the order. They will reach 2400 rating, make 50 wins and unlock the desired title. Finally, you get a perfect WoW Gladiator Boost - your guarantee of unlocking the rarest PvP achievement in the history of the WoW.


PvP content in WoW is not for everyone. Despite the efforts of developers to make it accessible and convenient, balance problems persist. With the constant development of PvP modes and with the beginning of each new season, hundreds of thousands of players rush to the arenas and battlegrounds to get PvP gear and rare mounts. However, for many, this process becomes a source of constant frustration.

Unlocking the main PvP achievements, getting a high rating, obtaining titles, mounts, transmog sets, and other rewards - all this requires not only a huge amount of time and effort but also strong nerves. You will have to face the best players and victory is never guaranteed. Moreover, when playing in a 3v3 Arena, you ought to find a reliable team. This is very problematic, especially if you don’t have a membership in an active PvP guild. Attempts to play with random players will be doomed to failure. Battling at a 2000+ PvP rating requires a high level of skill. Effective team interaction is also required, which is impossible to achieve when your team consists of strangers.

All these problems can be dealt with the help of our Gladiator carry WoW service. After purchasing the service, a team of professional PvP players will be attached to your order. Each of them has a 2400+ rating. They represent an effective PvP team with perfect strategies and tactics. Thanks to our boosters, you will forever forget about the problems with finding a team, about the necessity to fight fiercely against opponents, trying to get at least one victory. You will quickly get the maximum PvP rating and become the owner of the “Gladiator” title.


There are a lot of boosting shops, but not all of them have the positive qualities that Kingboost has. Our many years of experience have allowed us to create the most effective boosts. We managed to achieve this for the following reasons:

Each of our boosts are totally safe. WoW Gladiator Boost is no exception. To completely avoid blocking, we use a multi-level protection consisting of VPN and SSL security. All our boosting services are performed strictly by hand. Bots, cheats, and other illegal software are prohibited.

To achieve the lowest possible prices, the process of performing the boost was perfected. With a reduction of the execution time, the amount of work required is also reduced, which means that the service itself becomes cheaper.

We are especially proud of our 24/7 online support. We are able to answer any question and provide absolutely all information about the boosts we sell on a single request.

Trusting us, you trust professionals, for whom the execution of the most difficult task is a routine, not a surprise.


Your character must reach 60 level;

292+ ilvl gear in PvP;

Pilot mode

Gladiator Title + Mount
Gladiator Title + Mount


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