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Arena 3x3 Rating Boost Season 3


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3v3 Arena Boost

3v3 Arena Boost is the guaranteed way of reaching any desired PvP rating quickly and efficiently. With this high-quality boosting service you will conquer top positions on Arena’s leaderboard, and obtain the rarest PvP rewards consisting of gear, mounts, and transmog. You will gain respect and popularity among other players by becoming a top PvP gladiator in WoW. With 3v3 Arena boost, you will be able to reach up to the highest 2100 rating available. WoW 3v3 Boost is the service that protects you from low-skilled teammates and frustration from unwanted failures. This is a highly customizable service with a lot of additional options.

Start time: 20-40 minutes. ETA (for 1800) - 2-3 hours.


  1. The desired rating will be quickly obtained: 1400, 1600, 1800 and 2100;
  2. Huge amount of honor points and conquest points (conquest points can be earned only if you have not reached the points cap before the boost)
  3. Various gear with 240+ ilvl obtained on 1800+ rating;
  4. A list of achievements successfully unlocked: Three's Company: 1550, Three's Company: 1750, Three's Company: 2000

The list of requirements must be met before purchasing this service:

  • Shadowlands character with 60 level;
  • The ilvl must match the desired PvP rating: 180+ for 1800 rating and 200+ for 2100;

ETA: the time of completion depends on the chosen method of execution. “Piloted” mode is usually faster and will take around 3-5 hours. The higher the selected rating, the longer the boosting will take.


Just like most other boosting services, 3v3 Arena boost can be performed in two various modes: “selfplay” and “piloted”. Titles of these options speak for themselves. With the “piloted” option chosen, your character will be controlled by a booster, who will do all the job. With “selfplay” option enabled, you will play together with the group of professional PvP boosters who will carefully bring you to victory. “Selfplay” boosting is especially effective for players who not only want to reach a high PvP rating but also significantly improve their own skills of playing. During that time, our boosters also become coaches. You will be taught the best tips and tricks.

The moment you pay for an order we will immediately contact you to schedule the completion of the boost. After you join the group of professional boosters the service starts. During “piloted” execution, you can monitor the progress as the service is streamed by the boosters. You will be notified about the results right after the end.

Professional 3v3 Arena Boosting

The main problem each player faces when trying to reach a higher PvP rating is low-skilled teammates that were randomly chosen by the LFG tool. Without a reliable crew, reaching a gladiator title can take a huge amount of your free time and hurt your nerves. That is why PvP boosting services are very popular. With our help you will be able to reach a necessary rating quickly and even unlock one of the rarest PvP mounts in the game by gaining Vicious Saddle tokens. You will also be able to obtain a list of rare PvP gear that makes your character much stronger.

End a PvP season on top positions with the help of our boosting services!

All the questions about wow boost you can ask our consultant via online-chat or on discord(kingboost#2583)

Arena 3x3 Rating Boost Season 3
Arena 3x3 Rating Boost Season 3


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