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Sanctum of Domination Normal Boost


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Here you can Buy Sanctum of Domination Normal Boost

Start time 3-12 hours

Completion time: 2-4 hours

If you Buy Sanctum of Domination Normal Boost Run:

  1. Epic Loot 226-233 from the raid.
  2. 10/10 Normal Bosses 

Kill 10 SoD bosses in normal difficulty:

  • The Tarragrue
  • Eye of the Jailer
  • The Nine
  • Remnant of Ner'zhul
  • Soulrender Dormazain
  • Painsmith Raznal
  • Guardian of the First Ones
  • Fatescribe Roh-Kalo
  • Kel'Thuzad
  • Sylvanas Windrunner

Our raiders and professional players of the World of Warcraft universe have gone through many raids, and have tremendous experience in wow boost.

We are ready to help you cheaply and quickly with this raid in normal complexity. Our WoW boosting Service has killed all these bosses in beta-testing and PTR so we can guarantee a good and fast raid boost.

At your request, we can turn it on for an online broadcast on Twitch. We always use VPN when play on your account(Account Sharing).

Please, if you have any questions regarding SoD Normal boost or our WoW boosting services - feel free to ask on online chat or discord(kingboost#2583).

Sanctum of Domination Normal Boost
Sanctum of Domination Normal Boost


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