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Hero of Fate (Buy 3 Raids for the Price of 2!)


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Three Fated Raids Pack | Hero of Fate

«Hero of Fate» is a new title, rewarded for the Heroic: Fates of the Shadowlands Raids meta-achievement completion.

Important note: "Slots guarantee" option in that product means getting the chosen amount of guaranteed different slots (example: 2 backs count as slot). Please note that slots that you get also countable, slots count for all of the raids together, it means if you pay for "5 slots guarantee" then after completion of that service you will have 5 slots in total after 3 raids, not 15 slots.



Gearing boost is a very demandable service. Players are trying to finish the raid as quickly as they can. Yet, getting the best gear by completing difficult raids is very challenging. With our team of professional players any raid can be performed ASAP.

Before making a purchase, please carefully check the list of the necessary requirements. After that choice necessary additional options. Two choices available: a usual run where your loot is not guaranteed and can vary from try to try and a loot run with loot-traders. With choosing the second method, you get a guarantee of obtaining a maximum amount of the rewards.

Similar to other boosts, two ways of completing a service is available: “piloted” method and “selfplay” method.

During “piloted” mode your hero is under control of our high-skilled booster who will finish the task quickly and effectively. The process can be streamed to give you the ability to monitor the execution online. We notify you about the results immediately when the service is finished.

For “selfplay” mode we set up a schedule after contacting directly to you. A high-skilled boosting crew is assigned to the execution. You must play by yourself. The main advantage of this mode is the improvement of skill at playing the game.


Completion of any actual raid in WoW is a very difficult task even for experienced players. For example, the previous raiding instance was finished by only 5% of players. Right now, the Sepulcher of the First Ones is the hardest challenge available. Every player wants the best possible equipment to wear, and the SotFO heroic Raid is the only place where you can obtain the best possible items. But not every player wants to spend weeks preparing for a run, days looking for a suitable crew, and dozens of hours trying to deal with a list of legendary bosses.

Heroic raids do not forgive mistakes and everything you have achieved can be lost at any time. This challenge forces you to start over again multiple times. Finding a team for effective raiding is a special problem. In most situations, to find a place in a skillful team, you must be a member of an active top guild that does raiding on a regular basis. Not all players are accepted into such guilds. Many can remain "overboard".

To help every gamer go through the Fated raids, unlock prestigious achievements and obtain the top gear, we have assembled a team of professional boosters who have completed all Fated raids challenges already at the testing stage. Now our team is able to complete the WoW Fated raids boost in a matter of hours. Thanks to this, each player is able to receive prestigious equipment that will make their characters much stronger and fully prepare them for the release of new raids.

Please, if you have any questions regarding WoW boost or our WoW boosting service - feel free to ask on online chat or discord (KingBoost#9518).

Hero of Fate (Buy 3 Raids for the Price of 2!)
Hero of Fate (Buy 3 Raids for the Price of 2!)


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