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Buy Castle Nathria TRIAL RAID


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Here you can Buy Castle Nathria Normal / HEROIC TRIAL RAID

The first raid in this add-on begins on December 9, we mastered this raid on the beta version, so we are completely ready for it.

New to Kingboost?

We offer this service so that you are convinced of our professionalism.

During this service, you can stay AFK and watch on our team. Then, when you get ready and will confident about our service you can order more!

What you will get from the following service?

We will kill one random boss in Castle Nathria Normal / Heroic. You will see our team and understand our professionalism. 

If you have any questions regarding wow boost - feel free to ask us via LiveChat or discord(kingboost#2583).


60 Shadowlands Level.
Active WoW Subscription.
Purchased add-on Shadowlands.

Buy Castle Nathria TRIAL RAID
Buy Castle Nathria TRIAL RAID


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