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Full Gear Castle of Nathria Heroic Boost


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Here you can Buy Full Gear Castle of Nathria Heroic Boost

You will get 213-220 items in each slot for your character. We will run it until you get all the slots with epic items from heroic difficulty.

What will I get if Buy Castle Nathria Heroic Run Boost?

You will get the following:

The destruction of 10 the following bosses in this raid in heroic complexity:

  • Shriekwing
  • Altimor the Huntsman
  • Hungering Destroyer
  • Artificer Xy'Mox
  • Sun King's Salvation
  • Lady Inerva Darkvein
  • The Council of Blood
  • Sludgefist
  • Stoneborne Generals
  • Sire Denathrius

Obtaining those items that you ordered, according to the options for the product.

In this complexity, high item level.

Achievements from the following difficulty and the main raider achievement Ahead of the Curve: Sire Denathrius.

You will get an opportunity to save your time and to improve your equipment with epic items in each slot!

All questions about wow boost you can ask online consultant or discord (kingboost#2583)


Self Play - 2-4 hours of your time or Account Sharing.

Your character must have 60 level to perform boost.

Active WoW Subscription.

Purchased add-on Shadowlands.

Full Gear Castle of Nathria Heroic Boost
Full Gear Castle of Nathria Heroic Boost


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