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Valor points Farm

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Valor still remains in Dragonflight patch 10.0 and is spent on upgrading mythic plus gear to the maximum of level 415.

Upgrading the items with Valor requires the Mythic+ dungeon rating gathered on that character.

What will you get if buy from us?

  • Any chosen amount of Valor points farmed;
  • 135 Valor points from every single run.

Main requirements to upgrade gear with Valor points:

  • Only M+ items received in the ongoing season can be upgraded with the Valor;
  • Each Rank of Valor upgrade requires a specific rating earned in mythic+.

The price for Valor upgrades will cost you the following numbers:

  • 250 Valor - Shield, Offhand, Ring, Cloak, Bracer, Neck;
  • 400 Valor - Trinket, Belt, Shoulders, Gloves, Boots;
  • 475 Valor - Helm, Legs, Chest;
  • 500 Valor - One-Handed Agility / Strength Weapon;
  • 750 Valor - One-Handed Intellect Weapon;
  • 1000 Valor - Two-Handed Weapon.

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Valor Points Boost
Valor Points Boost


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