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Dragonflight Campaign Boost


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Dragonflight Campaign Boost

Start: 50 min  ETA: 4-6 weeks

With the start of Dragonflight patch 10.0, players will venture into forgotten Dragon Isles and start a new adventure there. Our Dragonflight campaign boost will help you to skip the boring parts of this story while getting a lot of additional rewards in the process. Each chapter will be connected with different Dragon flights and reveal more information about past and future events.

To start the Dragonflight Campaign, you must have a level 68+ character and the following 4 achievements completed:

  • Waking Hope;
  • Ohn'a'Roll;
  • Azure Spanner;
  • Just Don't Ask Me to Spell It.

What will you get if buy from us?

  • 10/10 chapters of patch 10.1 story;
  • Some renown with Dragon Isles reps;
  • Learn more about all Dragon flights;
  • Several perks unlocked on the islands;
  • Additional option: main story & side-quests completed;
  • Gold, resources and other rewards that drop during the boost.

Additional options

  • Dragonriding full progress - we'll collect all 48 Dragon Glyphs for you to unlock all Dragonriding talents;
  • DF Loremaster achievement - we'll complete all required side quests for you to get Loremaster of the Dragon Isles achievement and additional reputation with Dragonflight factions;
  • Wrathion full reputation - we'll provide you with full reputation progress to get a 389 ilvl necklace and a rare black Dragonriding customization option;
  • Sabellian full reputation - like Wrathion reputation, it's an opportunity to get a 389 ilvl necklace and a rare black Dragonriding customization option;
  • Cobalt Assembly full reputation - maximum reputation level with this faction is your chance to equip your character with a 389 ilvl ring.

Why choose Kingboost among others?

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If you have questions about the service - just contact our LiveChat support or message us by discord - Kingboost#0384. We are working 24/7 and ready to help anytime!


Account Sharing;

Active WoW Subscription;

Purchased add-on Dragonflight;

Finish Dragonflight Storylines.

Dragonflight Campaign Boost
Dragonflight Campaign Boost


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