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1-70 Leveling (Choose Levels)


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Get to any desired level in Dragonflight as fast as possible with Kingboost!

Leveling is where it all begins in any MMO, WoW is no exception. Getting to level 70 is crucial due to the end-game content being locked from not leveled-up characters. Leveling up yourself may not be fun and probably will take a lot of time, but that’s not the case with our leveling service!

We can get you to level 70 in just a few hours in 2 ways - Self-play AFK leveling or Piloted leveling. Piloted is when one of our boosters drive your character while you’re busy with some other things and Self-play AFK option is when you witness the leveling process yourself while just chilling, away from keyboard.

If you want to enter the end-game of World of Warcraft ASAP, make an order of our Leveling Boost!


  • Desired Level reached on your character, up to 70;
  • All gold and items your character will get during the service.


NOTE: All of these options are for the level 70 characters.

  • Add Full Awakened Normal Raid 9/9 - We’ll complete full Normal Raid, you’ll get a decent gear from it;
  • Add Full Awakened Heroic Raid 9/9 - We’ll complete full Heroic Raid, you’ll get a powerful gear from it;
  • Stream - Our booster will be streaming the process;
  • Unlocking Dragonriding Glyphs (Full Progress) - Max out your Dragonriding;
  • Finish Loremaster of the Dragon Isles - We'll complete this huge and noticeable achievement;
  • Full Honor PvP Set - We'll get you a very nice set of PvP Gear;
  • Unlock Dragonflight World Quests - We'll unlock WQ so you can complete them and get vluable resources, gold, and items;
  • 500k Gold - That's a good amount of gold to start with;
  • Forbidden Reach Unlock - We'll unlock this region for you;
  • Zaralek Cavern Unlock - We'll unlock this region for you;
  • Full Awakened NORMAL RAID + 5 Guaranteed Slots - We’ll complete normal raid and guarantee that you’ll get 5 items for different gear slots for your character;
  • Full Awakened HEROIC RAID + 5 Guaranteed Slots - We’ll complete heroic raid and guarantee that you’ll get 5 items for different gear slots for your character.


Active Dragonflight account.


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1-70 Leveling in World of Warcraft Dragonflight: Uncovering the Challenges and Strategies for Efficient Progression

Leveling up in World of Warcraft (WoW) is an integral part of the gaming experience, allowing players to unlock new abilities, explore new areas, and engage in challenging content. However, the 1-70 leveling process in WoW Dragonflight is often regarded as a formidable task. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind the difficulties in leveling up quickly and provide effective strategies for efficient progression.

Vast Game World:

A primary factor contributing to the challenge of leveling up swiftly in World of Warcraft Dragonflight is the sheer size of the game world. The map is expansive and filled with numerous zones and dungeons, all waiting to be discovered and conquered. Navigating through these regions and completing quests can be time-consuming, leading to slower leveling times overall.

Cumbersome Quest Chains:

Dragonflight boasts a vast number of quests, many of which are intertwined within intricate quest chains. These chains often require players to complete multiple quests in a specific order to progress further. While these quests provide an engaging storyline, they can also slow down leveling speed, as players must invest extra time completing prerequisite quests before advancing.

Competition with Other Players:

WoW is a massively multiplayer online game, and throughout the leveling journey, players often encounter competition for resources, quest objectives, and rare mobs. The influx of multiple players vying for the same quest item or enemy kill can hinder progress and significantly slow down leveling speed. This challenge is especially prevalent during the initial months after an expansion release when the player population is at its peak.

Mob Densities and Respawns:

Another factor that contributes to the difficulty of fast leveling is the density and respawn rate of mobs. In high-traffic areas, players may find themselves constantly waiting for mobs to respawn, causing delays in quest completion and progression. Moreover, densely populated zones may have a higher risk of accidental aggro or being overwhelmed by multiple mobs, leading to increased downtime and slower leveling rates.

Strategies for Efficient 1-70 Leveling:

Choose the Right Class and Specialization:

Select a class and specialization that excels at leveling speed. Classes with good AoE (Area of Effect) abilities and self-sustain capabilities can clear mobs quickly and efficiently, reducing downtime between kills.

Plan an Efficient Quest Route:

Consult online resources or leveling guides to create an optimized questing route. Prioritize quests that are in close proximity to each other, reducing travel time between objective locations. This way, players can maximize their time by completing multiple quests in a single trip.

Group Up:

Joining a group or guild can significantly speed up leveling. Working together with others can allow players to complete challenging quests or dungeon runs more smoothly, as well as share progress on kill objectives, ensuring a faster completion rate.

Take Advantage of Experience Boosts:

Utilize experience-enhancing mechanisms such as heirloom gear, war mode, rested experience, and experience potions. These buffs can provide substantial experience bonuses, amplifying the speed of leveling.

Strategic Dungeon Runs:

Running dungeons can be an efficient way to level up, especially when quests within the dungeon coincide with the player's current objectives. Grouping up with experienced players or utilizing the WoW Dungeon Finder tool can help expedite these runs.

Leveling up from 1-70 in World of Warcraft Dragonflight is indeed a challenging feat. The vast game world, intricate quest chains, player competition, and mob densities all contribute to slower leveling speeds. However, with proper planning, efficient questing routes, intelligent grouping, and the use of experience-enhancing mechanisms, players can overcome these challenges and progress to level 70 at a faster pace. Remember to enjoy the journey, embrace the engaging content, and savor the satisfaction of reaching the level cap in due time.

1-70 Leveling (Choose Levels)
1-70 Leveling (Choose Levels)


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