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Dragon Racing Completionist Boost


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Dragonflight. Dragon Racing Completionist Boost

Start: 20 minutes   ETA: 4 hours

The latest novelty in the Dragonflight expansion is Dragon Racing. There are multiple tracks to race on, and each one of them offers medals for players to earn. These races are tricky: in order to pass them and get gold medals, you need to be able to properly use the abilities of the drakes.

What will you get if buy from us?

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  • Unlocking Dragonriding Glyphs (Full Progress) — this is necessary to fully complete the race. We'll collect all 48 Dragon Glyphs for you to unlock all Dragonriding talents.
  • All racing completed tracks — only after completing all races, you will have access to include affixes to these races;
  • You will get selected dragon racings completed with Gold in Dragon Isles zones : Dragon Racing Completionist: Gold, Reverse Racer: Gold and Forbidden Reach Racing Completionist: Gold;
  • Obtaining Gold in all normal and advanced races on Dragon Isles grants Dragon Racing Completionist: Gold achievement and rewards with Spiked Crimson Spaulders transmog item, Bronze Racing Enthusiast pet, 8x new dragonriding mounts customizations and unique Isles Racer title;
  • Obtaining Gold in all reverse races grants Reverse Racer: Gold achievement and rewards with Reverse Racer title;
  • Obtaining Gold in all Forbidden Reach races grants Forbidden Reach Racing Completionist: Gold achievement and rewards with Forbidden Reach Racer title;

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Dragon Racing Completionist Boost
Dragon Racing Completionist Boost


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