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Torghast, Tower of The Damned


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Here you can Buy Torghast Boost

Start time: 15-20 minutes. ETA - 30 minutes.

Buy Torghast Tower of the Damned, Soul Ash Farm boost. Get Soul Ash, Customized Legendary Armor! The Best Price, Quick Processing, Excellent Feedback on Trustpilot.

What will I get if Buy Torghast Tower boost?

  • Soul Cinders currency from 9-11 Torghast
  • A lot of soul ashes(1140 for 2x8 Torghast)
  • Torghast achievements.
  • NO ACCOUNT SHARING (if requested)
  • Boost takes time depending on your chosen options. Start in 10min.
  • All the other loot&gold.

How soon will we start the boost?

Usually boost is started in 5-10 minutes after ordering. But if you want to make sure about the start time - write to our customer support on the website.

Our advantages among others:

  1. The Best Price. Why? Because we would like you to be our customer so we try to make the best terms for you. That's why if you find wow boost anywhere cheaper than from us you can write to us and you will it get cheaper than somewhere. We always ready to bargain, reduce price, etc.
  2. High Quality. Due to we would like you to be our client we must provide an extremely high quality of wow boosting service. That's not just words. You can make sure about it checking our page on Trustpilot. We have 100% positive reviews.
  3. We always ready to make a refund if you don't like our service.

Please, if you have any questions regarding WoW boost or our WoW boosting service - feel free to ask on online chat or discord(kingboost#2583).


Character with 60 Level.
Active WoW Subscription
Purchased add-on Shadowlands

Torghast, Tower of The Damned
Torghast, Tower of The Damned


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