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Broken Isles Cup Boost


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START: Up to 15 Minutes

COMPLETION TIME: Up to 7 hours

Try out Dragonriding in the old world, starting with the Broken Isles Cup time-limited event. Unique rewards and new Dragonriding Medals await you!

With the Broken Isles Racing Completionist boost, you can quickly obtain all the achievements and cosmetic rewards without the hassle – it takes lots of time and perfect execution to complete all races with gold medals. Our boosters will save you time and effort.

Service Rewards Include:

  • Broken Isles Racing Completionist: Gold achievement;
  • All Broken Isles races completed on normal, advanced & reverse difficulties;
  • Broken Isles Racer title;
  • Some Riders of Azeroth Badges;
  • Dragonriding Manuscripts connected with this event.

The rewards are time-limited, so make sure to collect them before the event is over!


  • Level 70;
  • Broken Isles cup event active;
  • Account Sharing;
  • All Dragon Glyphs unlocked.

Additional Options

All Dragon Glyphs – we will collect all available Dragon Glyphs and unlock all Dragonriding Talents;

Dragon Racing Completionist – we will complete all the races across the Dragon Isles with a Gold rating;

Forbidden Reach Racing Completionist – we will complete all the races at the Forbidden Reach with a Gold rating;

Zaralek Cavern Racing Completionist – we will complete all the races in Zaralek Cavern with a Gold rating.

This event is the first opportunity for WoW players to experience the dynamic flight capabilities in the zones of the old world. While the full-fledged Dragonriding across Azeroth will have to wait a bit longer, you can experience some zones from the new perspective right now.

If you still have any questions regarding boosts, please text us in the LiveChat.


70 level;

Broken Isles cup event active;

This service is piloted;

All Dragon glyphs unlocked.

Broken Isles Cup Boost
Broken Isles Cup Boost


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