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Vault of the Incarnates Normal raid boost


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Dragonflight. Vault of the Incarnates Normal raid boost

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Vault of the Incarnates is the latest raid added with the latest WoW expansion - Dragonflight;

Be among the first people to explore new content and get your character ready for new challenges of the latest expansion!

With this service, our team will provide you with a quick and easy full clear of all 8 bosses on normal difficulty, giving you a chance to obtain 389-405 iLVL items(Including class sets!).

What will you get if buy from us?

  • Full raid clear, all 8 bosses defeated on normal difficulty;
  • High chance of getting 389-405 iLVL loot;
  • Chance of obtaining new Primalist Class Tier Sets;
  • Vault of the Incarnates achievement.

Loot-Priority and Loot Policy in our Raids

  1. Group loot (personal loot) - you will roll all the loot with other players, all the loot which you win will be yours, pay attention that with that basic Group Loot you have no loot sometimes raiders may give you items, but it's up to them. If you require guaranteed loot - please check the options below:
  2. Armor Type Priority - we will make sure that there will be 0 other players who wear same armor type as you are, so that you will get all the items for your armor type guaranteed. Please note, that rings, weapons, necks, trinkets, and backs are rolled, and not guaranteed while chosen that option. At least 2 slots guaranteed in that raid;
  3. Exclusive Loot Run - if you choose that option, they we will make an Exclusive Raid especially for you, which will contain at least 15 players with clear CD (it means that they are able to roll items). All the loot drops will be given to you, our raid team will not roll any loot, no matter which armor type it is. You are able to invite friends for other armor types, or you friends may have same armor type if you want to share loot between your friends and you, up to 3 other players for free. Up to 24-36 items may drop - all of them are yours;
  4. Full Gear Guaranteed - we will run the Raid with you each week until you each slot with raid item. It will take a few resets to get full gear, so if you require fast gearing kindly choose Exclusive run;
  5. Guaranteed Slots (3, 5, 7, 10 guaranteed items in different slots) - "Guaranteed slots" option means amount of slots that you will have by the end of the raid for sure. It's like insurance: if you ordered 10 slots guaranteed and got just 1 slot in the raid, then we will trade 9 more different slots (we won't trade 2 backs for example). Items that you get will be counted as well. So that by the end of the raid you will have 10 different slots. Full gear - all the slots will be equipped from the raid.

Vault of the Incarnates Class Sets

Tier Sets for the first Dragonflight raid are called Vault of the Incarnates Class Sets.

Set pieces drop as tokens in the raid from the fourth boss onward. Tokens are used to create a Soulbound Vault of the Incarnates Class item appropriate for your class.

  • Dreadful tokens are shared between Death Knights, Warlock, and Demon Hunters;
  • Mystic tokens are shared between Hunters, Druids, and Mages;
  • Venerated tokens are shared between Paladins, Priest, and Shamans;
  • Zenith tokens are shared between Warriors, Rogues, Monks, and Evoker.

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 Vault of the Incarnates Normal raid boost
Vault of the Incarnates Normal raid boost


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