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Dragonflight 60-70 Leveling | MEGA SALE


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Leveling is the first thing you’ve got to do in WoW Dragonflight. And by the time you get to 60, you’ll get bored and tired, you will want some action! That’s where we come in. Kingboost will gladly take your character from 60 to 70 with the pace you’d prefer - you’ll get to the fun stuff of Dragonflight in no time! Buy 60-70 leveling service from Kingboost, save your time.


  • Desired level reached on your character, up to 70;
  • All gold, loot and gear your character will obtain during the boost.


NOTE: All of these options are for the level 70 characters.

  • Add Full Awakened Normal Raid 9/9 - We’ll complete full Normal Raid, you’ll get a decent gear from it;
  • Add Full Awakened Heroic Raid 9/9 - We’ll complete full Heroic Raid, you’ll get a powerful gear from it;
  • Stream - Our booster will be streaming the process;
  • Unlocking Dragonriding Glyphs (Full Progress) - Max out your Dragonriding;
  • Finish Loremaster of the Dragon Isles - We'll complete this huge and noticeable achievement;
  • Full Honor PvP Set - We'll get you a very nice set of PvP Gear;
  • Unlock Dragonflight World Quests - We'll unlock WQ so you can complete them and get vluable resources, gold, and items;
  • 500k Gold - That's a good amount of gold to start with;
  • Forbidden Reach Unlock - We'll unlock this region for you;
  • Zaralek Cavern Unlock - We'll unlock this region for you;
  • Full Awakened NORMAL RAID + 5 Guaranteed Slots - We’ll complete normal raid and guarantee that you’ll get 5 items for different gear slots for your character;
  • Full Awakened NORMAL RAID + 10 Guaranteed Slots - We’ll complete normal raid and guarantee that you’ll get 10 items for different gear slots for your character;
  • Full Awakened HEROIC RAID + 5 Guaranteed Slots - We’ll complete heroic raid and guarantee that you’ll get 5 items for different gear slots for your character.


  • 60 level character on Dragonflight account.


The simple answer is because we’re good at what we’re doing. You can make sure of that by looking at the reviews from our customers on Trustpilot. And in addition to that, we are ready to match the price if you’ll somehow find the exact same offer with lower price. Just make an order and see for yourself!

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The Challenging Journey: Leveling from 60-70 in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

World of Warcraft (WoW) has captivated millions of players worldwide with its immersive gameplay and expansive virtual world. However, progressing from level 60 to 70, particularly in the Dragonflight expansion, is known to be a challenging undertaking. In this article, we will explore the various factors that make the leveling process at this stage more difficult and discuss potential strategies to overcome these obstacles.

Increased Experience Required:

One of the primary reasons leveling from 60 to 70 is challenging is the exponential increase in experience required to advance. Each level becomes significantly more challenging, demanding players to invest more time and effort to gain enough XP and complete quests. This steep progression curve contrasts with earlier levels, which may have been relatively easier to reach.

Higher-Level Quests:

As players progress into high-level zones, the quests become more challenging and time-consuming. The quests at this stage often involve complex mechanics, larger groups of enemies, or intricate storylines, which means players must invest more time and effort to complete them. Besides, some quests may also require players to venture into dangerous areas with elite mobs, making them challenging to complete solo.

Fewer Efficient Quest Hubs:

Leveling between 60 and 70 unveils a scarcity of efficient quest hubs - central locations that offer a variety of quests in close proximity. The lack of these hubs often forces players to travel longer distances between quests, resulting in increased travel time and reduced completion rate. Consequently, this elongates the leveling process and makes it harder to gain experience rapidly.

Unfriendly Player vs. Player (PvP) Zones:

In the World of Warcraft Dragonflight expansion, high-level questing zones often overlap with PvP battlegrounds. This introduces an additional layer of difficulty for players, as they may face the threat of enemy players while trying to complete quests. PvP encounters can lead to unnecessary and time-consuming combat interruptions, hindering progress and making leveling slower.

Increased Time Required for Gear Upgrades:

Leveling from 60 to 70 requires players to frequently upgrade their gear to overcome the more challenging quests and enemies encountered. This process can be time-consuming, as players have to explore new areas, complete dungeons, or embark on raids to acquire the desired gear. The need for constant gear upgrades adds to the overall time investment and slows down the leveling process.

Strategies to Level Up Faster:

Join a leveling-focused guild: Collaborating with experienced players can help streamline the leveling process by providing guidance, grouping opportunities, and shared knowledge on efficient questing routes or hidden shortcuts.

Utilize experience-boosting consumables: Potions, food, or other consumables that grant experience bonuses can optimize the leveling speed. Efficiently utilizing these items can significantly cut down on the time required to reach level 70.

Group up for quests and dungeon runs: Teaming up with other players not only accelerates quest completion but also allows for smoother progress through dungeons, which offer additional experience and valuable loot.

Prioritize efficient quest hubs: Researching and prioritizing hubs that offer a high concentration of quests in close proximity allows for more streamlined leveling and reduced travel time.

Leveling from 60 to 70 in World of Warcraft Dragonflight undoubtedly presents various challenges that may slow down the process of reaching the level cap. The increased experience required, challenging quests, scarcity of efficient quest hubs, potential PvP zone encounters, and gear upgrade demands can all contribute to the difficulty. However, employing various strategies such as collaborating with others, utilizing experience-boosting consumables, and prioritizing efficient quest hubs can help mitigate these challenges and expedite the leveling process. Embrace the journey, overcome the hurdles, and enjoy the adventures that await you on the path to level 70!

Dragonflight 60-70 Leveling | MEGA SALE
Dragonflight 60-70 Leveling | MEGA SALE


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