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Dragonflight 8/8 Mythic Boost


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Dragonflight 8/8 Mythic Boost is a easy and efficient way to gear up your character in M+0 dungeons on first week of the latest WoW expansion- Dragonflight.

Get your gear fast and effortlessly, withouth having to find team or deal with other players, our proffessional team will get your dungeons completed in no time at the best price on the market!

What will you get if buy from us?

  • Chosen amount of runs of Dragonflight dungeons M0;
  • You will get items and corresponding achievements from dungeons;
  • You will have a chance to get 398+ ilvl epic item from an end of dungeon chest for each Mythic difficulty level completed;
  • Titan Training Matrix IV. New crafting reagent that will help you with obtaining even better gear!
  • Dragonflight Dungeon Hero meta achievement.

Why choose Kingboost among others?

The answer is simple: we are offering the cheapest price among competitors and keep following high standards with that price, it's confirmed by our 4.9*/5 stars rating on Trustpilot from over 17000 customers. We are always ready to price match if you find cheaper!

If you have questions about the service - just contact our Live Chat support. We are working 24/7 and ready to help anytime!

Dragonflight 8/8 Mythic Boost
Dragonflight 8/8 Mythic Boost


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