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Shadowlands 1-60 Level


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Here you can Buy Shadowlands 1-60 Level Boost

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What will You get if Buy Shadowlands 1-60 Leveling boost Service?

  • Boosting your character from the first to the max level(60) in Shadowlands.
  • ALL the recieved gold and resources in the process of leveling your character.
  • Hand-made WoW Boost Leveling Service.
  • Stream + VPN.

Blizzard scaled levels in new add-on Shadowlands from 120 till 50. Now you need to level your character from 1 to 60(max).

We provide Shadowlands Leveling 1-60 at a cheap price and quick performance. What are advantages of buying this service for you?

  1. Save your time. If you have to work, sleep, etc but you wouldn't like to spend your time on boring leveling and be lagging behind and want to have max level character this service for you!
  2. The cheapest price on the market. We always provide the best price for customers. That's why if you find anywhere cheaper we will reduce our price.
  3. High Quality of Customer Service and WoW Boosting Service. We value the reputation of our company as a reliable wow boost leveling service and a team of professionals.

To make sure about it read reviews about us. We have 100% Positive Feedback! If we miss the deadline, we will provide such bonuses and compensations that you will only be glad that we miss the deadline :)


Account Sharing

Active WoW Subscription

Purchased add-on Shadowlands

Shadowlands Flying - need Covenant Campaign Completed

Main Campaign - if leveling first character on account

Zereth Mortis Flying - need Zereth Mortis unlocked

Shadowlands 1-60 Level
Shadowlands 1-60 Level


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