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PoE Explosive Arrow Build Boost


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Buying the Explosive Arrow Build service from professionals makes it much easier to learn or master PoE! Get a ready-to-go build for your character and, if needed, a lesson on using its maximum potential. This build works wonders for Elementalists, allowing them to easily fight even the hardest bosses and deal tons of damage.

The service is great for new players and veterans who value their time and do not want to waste crazy amounts of time making the build themselves. Take your time while we make you an easy-to-master build that will effortlessly carry you through the endgame.

Service Rewards Include:

  • Character fully ready and geared up;

  • Custom Path of Building for your character.


Start: up to 1 Hour

Completion Time: 7-14 Days


Level 95 Character

Select the «Level 95 Boost» option if necessary, and we will level up your character for the build.

Additional Options

Build Coaching – A professional PoE player will explain how to play this specific build and play to its maximum potential.

Level 95 Boost – We will quickly boost your character to level 95, which is necessary to proceed with the Buildcrafting.

Available Build Quality Options


  • You will receive a build that is optimized for currency farming and progressing deeper into the game.


  • The build you receive with this option allows you to efficiently farm most of the in-game content.


  • Unlock the best-in-slot items for farming any end-game activity with this option.

About the PoE Build Boosting Service

Making the Build on your own is a troublesome and a little overwhelming experience – one has to farm an excess of Orbs required to upgrade your gear, level up the skill tree, optimize all the skills required for the build to work, and get specific important items. All that can take hours of farming and reviewing the guides instead of playing the game for fun.

The service saves you lots of time and resources. Once we're done, you will have a great build focused on Explosive Arrow skill, capable of easily dealing with the endgame bosses. Utilize your new build and conquer the Path of Exile with no hassle!

Why choose Kingboost?

The answer is simple – we are good at what we do. This fact is supported by thousands of excellent customer reviews on Trustpilot. The quality of our services is matched with their accessibility – here, you will find the best prices on the market, and if you find the same offer at a lower price, we are ready to match the price. Make an order and see for yourself!

If you have any questions regarding our services, please text us in LiveChat here on the website – our agents are available 24/7 to assist you!

PoE Explosive Arrow Build Boost
PoE Explosive Arrow Build Boost


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