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The Forbidden Sanctum League Starter Pack


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Path of Exile The Forbidden Sanctum League Starter Pack

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Leveling - is the package of effective boosting services that helps you to reach the desired level of your character, improve your combat and non-combat skills, and make your hero prepared for the endgame content. Powerleveling is performed by professional boosters who have played the gamein previous expansion. Path of Exile level boost is a guaranteed way of obtaining any desired level within narrow time limits. With our Path of Exile Leveling boosting you will be able to start endgame content as quickly as possible. Reached level cap unlocks various endgame activities that are also sources of the best in-game rewards..

What will you get if buy from us?

  • The desired level obtained;
  • Custom made PoB for your character;
  • All valuable items, which may drop during the boost.
  • Any desired level on your character;

Additional options

  • League starter build - We'll analyze the new meta and create one for you based on this information and your own preferences. We'll also create a unique PoB for this build;
  • Atlas boost - We'll boost your Atlas up to the 115 points;
  • 100 Сhaos and 5 Divine orbs - We'll get you 100 Chaos orbs and 5 Divine orbs;
  • 4 Voidstones Unlock - with unlocked Voidstones you can use Sextants & get bonuses on the maps;

Why choose Kingboost among others?

The answer is simple: we are offering the cheapest price among competitors and keep following high standards with that price, it's confirmed by our 4.9*/5 stars rating on Trustpilot from over 5000 customers. We are always ready to price match if you find cheaper!

If you still have any questions regarding boosts ask us please via LiveChat or through discord (Kingboost Support#2553)

The Forbidden Sanctum League Starter Pack
The Forbidden Sanctum League Starter Pack


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