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New World 1 - 60 Leveling


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New World Leveling

New World Leveling - is the package of effective boosting services that helps you to reach the desired level of your character, improve your combat and non-combat skills, and make your hero prepared for the endgame content. Powerleveling is performed by professional boosters who have played the game during alpha and beta testing. New World level boost is a guaranteed way of obtaining any desired level within narrow time limits. With our New World Leveling boosting you will be able to start endgame content as quickly as possible. Reached level cap unlocks various endgame activities that are also sources of the best in-game rewards.

5000 Coins Guaranteed if you order 1-60 Leveling.

New World is almost ready for the release and the race for top positions on the leaderboards has nearly started. Join the ranks of the best New World players by purchasing a New World 1-60 Level boost at one of the lowest prices on the market.


  • You get a fully prepared for endgame character with a 60 level cap obtained;
  • You keep all the gold, equipment, items, and other rewards that can be obtained during boost performance.

ETA: estimated time of 1-60 New World level carry depends on the starting level of your character. We guarantee you the quickest performance possible.

Why is it important to reach a level cap?

In the New World, the most interesting content is unlocked only after reaching the maximum possible level. It is a normal situation for any game of the genre. Leveling boost brings you a list of advantages. You get a character with 190 skill points that can be spent later according to your needs. A full set of bags, rings, and earrings slots is unlocked on this level, providing you the ability to wear the best gear and accessories. On 60 level you unlock Outpost Rush and Invasions activities. Participating in them will bring you high-level rewards. Your campfire will be upgraded to tier 5. On 60 level you unlock an ability to buy up to 3 houses. Houses will be your fast travel positions and save you a lot of time.

How do we perform the boost?

New World leveling boost is performed via “piloted” mode. It is a quick and effective method of completing any service. You have to choose the desired starting point for 1-60 leveling and pay for an order to start the process. We will immediately contact you to discuss all the details.

When we start the boost, you can monitor the progress at any time. If necessary, the process can be streamed from the beginning and till the end.

If you have any additional tasks to be done, you can contact our support to describe your necessities. We will set up a unique service just for you!

Why can you trust us?

Choosing the right boost can be difficult, as the number of different shops can be overwhelming. Our team has a set of advantages that guarantee you a 100% result.

It is safe. Your account is under the protection of professional VPN and SSL services. Our boosters are forbidden from using illegal software, cheats, or bots.

It is effective. Our team of professional boosters has experience in dealing with the most difficult tasks. New World Leveling has already been performed dozens of times.

It is cheap. Our services have the lowest possible prices. If you find a cheaper boost, we will provide you a big discount.

If you still have any questions regarding wow boosts ask us please via LiveChat or through discord(kingboost#2583)

New World 1 - 60 Leveling
New World 1 - 60 Leveling


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