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Covenant Reputation Boost


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New World Covenant Reputation Boost

New World Covenant Reputation Boost will help you to earn any amount of reputation points for one of the factions in the game. NW offers a lot of content to the players, but most of it is hidden under the necessity of various farming, including a difficult to deal faction reputation system. Covenant Reputation Boost is a perfect solution who wants to reach the maximum level of reputation as quickly as possible.

There are 3 different factions in the game to choose from. One of them is called Covenant - a group of religious radicals who are trying to “clean” the land of the game from heresy. Covenant reputation can be farmed in various ways. However, the main source of reputation is completion of PvP and PvE missions for your faction. While PvE is an easy yet time-consuming method of earning reputation points, most players choose PvP missions. PvP is a very difficult type of content in NW. It requires a lot of skill, time and strong nerves. For reaching the maximum level of Covenant reputation, you will get various rewards, including one of the best armor sets in the game.


Desired reputation rank reached;

All of the rewards obtained during the boost.


Covenant Reputation Boost is performed in a “Piloted” mode. Booster controls your character during a scheduled time until a necessary task is completed. You are notified about the start and the end of the boost immediately. Contact 24/7 online support to get more information about the boosting service.

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Covenant Reputation Boost
Covenant Reputation Boost


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