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How to Buy WoW Shadowlands boost on the website?

We recommend following the next steps (That's not obligatory, just recommendations.)
Before purchasing the service better to contact us via online chat or through Discord (kingboost#2583)
Pay attention to the letters are small.
By contacting us you will get the information about: ETA for completing the service, form the boost piloted or self-play.
Piloted - we play on your account instead of you using VPN and streaming the process (on demand).
Selfplay - you play on your own during the boost.
The price can be reduced if you have progress in the service you would like to buy.

Move to this step after contacting us and approval deadlines.
We accept Credit Cards(Visa and MasterCard), Cryptocurrencies, PayPal.
We don't accept gold as a payment method for boosting.

After completing 2 steps above you need to wait for the appointed time.
If any problem appears (like you won't have enough time, work trip, etc) just write to us, the schedule will be changed.
The earlier you write about it the higher chances that we will reschedule it.

Feel free to ask any questions about wow boost :)