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Roubles | Trade | 3.1$ for 20 Millions | CHEAPEST | 15 Min Guaranteed Delivery


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Roubles being the main currency in Escape from Tarkov are very important for every player and can be used in almost any imaginable way. Grinding the desired amount yourself is hard by itself, not to mention the hardcore nature of the game. So, why suffer through the grind if you can just buy Roubles from us? Just make an order and get up to 50 million Roubles within 15 minutes!

PLEASE NOTE: This offer does not include the Marketplace commission coverage.


  • The desired amount of Roubles.


Level 15 to be able to trade on Flea Market.


You need to have some items (armor/weapons/food/weapon modules) on your account and also access to flea market 

After the purchase, you will need to place things at the flea market at an inflated price (by 100,000-500,000 roubles, depending on the commission for any product and the average price at the flea market). The more expensive the item, the less the commission will be.

After you place the product, you need to tell us the name of the product and its price or send screenshots of placed lots.

After we receive this data, we will buy it, and you will need to place new products at the flea market until you have the amount ordered.


The simple answer is because we’re good at what we’re doing. You can make sure of that by looking at the reviews from our customers on Trustpilot. And in addition to that, we are ready to match the price if you’ll somehow find the exact same offer with lower price. Just make an order and see for yourself!

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In Escape from Tarkov, Roubles (₽) are the primary currency used within the game to buy and sell items, weapons, gear, and other valuable resources. Acquiring Roubles is essential for progressing in the game and improving your chances of survival. Here's a guide on how you can obtain and utilize Roubles effectively:

Looting: The most common way to obtain Roubles is by looting them from various locations throughout the game world. Explore different maps, search containers, scavenge from slain enemies, and keep an eye out for loose cash lying around. Looting is a reliable method to accumulate Roubles, especially in high-value areas like weapon crates or high-tier loot spawns.

Trading: Engage in trading with NPC traders within the game. Traders offer a wide range of items, and they accept Roubles as payment. As you progress and complete quests, your reputation with the traders will increase, unlocking access to better items and more favorable exchange rates.

Selling Items: Another way to earn Roubles is by selling items you find during raids. Weapons, armor, equipment, and valuable loot can be sold to traders or to other players through the in-game Flea Market. Understanding the value of different items and their market demand is crucial for maximizing profits.

Completing Quests: Quests serve as a fundamental aspect of Escape from Tarkov. By completing quests assigned by traders, you can earn both experience points and Roubles as rewards. These quests often involve tasks such as retrieving specific items or eliminating certain targets. Focus on completing quests efficiently to gain both valuable items and currency.

Economy and Investments: Pay attention to the fluctuating in-game economy and invest wisely. Prices of items can vary depending on supply and demand, so purchasing undervalued items and reselling them when their prices rise can be a profitable strategy. However, keep in mind that the market can be unpredictable and prices may change rapidly.

Hideout Production: Once you have a hideout, you can establish production facilities to generate resources, including Roubles. By assigning Scavengers or crafting specific items, you can passively earn Roubles over time. Upgrading your hideout and investing in production modules will enhance your earning potential.

Trading with Players: The Flea Market is a player-driven marketplace where you can buy and sell items directly with other players. Utilize the market to find good deals, purchase items at lower prices, and resell them for a profit. Understanding market trends and pricing dynamics will give you an advantage in trading with other players.

To use Roubles effectively, focus on acquiring the necessary gear, weapons, medical supplies, and ammunition to improve your chances of survival during raids. Invest in protective armor, efficient weaponry, and essential consumables like painkillers and bandages. Additionally, upgrading your stash size will provide more storage space for items and Roubles.

Remember, the world of Escape from Tarkov is unforgiving, and managing your resources wisely is crucial. Continuously adapt your strategies, stay informed about the evolving in-game economy, and make calculated decisions to ensure your success in accumulating and utilizing Roubles effectively.

Roubles | Trade | 3.1$ for 20 Millions | CHEAPEST | 15 Min Guaranteed Delivery
Roubles | Trade | 3.1$ for 20 Millions | CHEAPEST | 15 Min Guaranteed Delivery


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