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Raid exotic weapons are usually something very unique and interesting and Touch of Malice Exotic Scout Rifle is the same. It has very interestinc main mechanic - it shoots using your health, getting three rapid kills refills part of your health and the lower your health is, the more accurate the weapon gets. That’s very unusual!

Getting raid exotics, however, might be a bit frustrating - it’s a random drop from the final boss and you simply can get unlucky multiple times in a row. But not with Kingboost! If you’ll purchase our service, we’ll complete the last encounter of the King’s Fall Raid as many times as required until you’ll get this sweet exotic gun. Just make an order!


  • Raid-specific Exotic Scout Rifle - Touch of Malice;
  • Last King’s Fall Raid Boss slain multiple times until Exotic drops;
  • Chance on getting raid gear;
  • Experience boost for your Season Pass and Artifact;
  • All other rewards and resources dropped during the boost.


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Touch of Malice Returns: Unleashing Darkness in Destiny 2

In the vast universe of Destiny 2, a game that continues to captivate players with its immersive gameplay and ever-expanding lore, one weapon stands out as an emblem of darkness and sacrifice—the Touch of Malice. Originally introduced in the first Destiny installment, this exotic scout rifle has recently made its long-awaited return, sending waves of excitement through the Guardians' community. In this article, we delve into the history, mechanics, and significance of the resurrected Touch of Malice in Destiny 2.

The Origin Story:

To truly appreciate the resurgence of Touch of Malice, we must first understand its origins. In the original Destiny, the weapon was obtained through a series of quests related to the raid called King's Fall. This raid challenged fireteams to conquer the Taken King, Oryx, in his domain, the Dreadnaught. Touch of Malice played a crucial role in vanquishing Oryx and ending his reign of terror.

Mechanics and Unique Abilities:

The Touch of Malice, true to its dark nature, is an exotic scout rifle with unique abilities geared towards harnessing the power of self-sacrifice. Its intrinsic perk, "Touch of Mercy," causes the last round in the magazine to deal bonus damage at the cost of the wielder's life force. Essentially, every shot fired with the last round consumes the Guardian's health rather than ammunition. This mechanic makes it a double-edged sword, as it empowers the user but demands a careful balance between damage output and personal survivability.

Moreover, the Touch of Malice possesses the "Touch of Malice" perk, which allows the weapon to penetrate enemy shields, making it an excellent choice for challenging encounters against foes with fortified defenses. The original version of Touch of Malice also had the "Eye of the Kell" perk, granting bonus precision damage against Taken enemies—a testament to its effectiveness in combating Oryx's minions.

Significance and Lore:

The Touch of Malice's reappearance in Destiny 2 signifies more than just a nostalgic nod to the past. It represents the continuation of a rich narrative thread that weaves through the game's lore. The weapon's connection to the Hive and the Taken infuses it with dark energy, making it an integral part of Destiny's ongoing battle between light and darkness.

Moreover, the legacy of Touch of Malice serves as a reminder of the Guardians' sacrifices and the ever-present temptation to wield forbidden power. Its return brings back memories of fireteams braving the depths of the Dreadnaught, facing insurmountable odds, and ultimately triumphing over the malevolence of Oryx. As players equip this weapon once again, they embrace the risks and rewards associated with channeling the forbidden forces of the universe.

The reintroduction of the Touch of Malice in Destiny 2 breathes new life into a revered weapon with a storied past. Guardians who vividly remember their encounters with Oryx and the grueling battles fought on the Dreadnaught will relish the chance to wield this emblem of darkness once more. The Touch of Malice is more than just a tool for dealing damage; it represents the eternal struggle between light and darkness, sacrifice and power, and the choices Guardians must make in their ongoing fight for the survival of humanity.



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