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Crota's End Raid


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START: Up to 15 Minutes COMPLETION TIME: Up to 30 Minutes

Buy the boost and complete one of the famous raids from the original Destiny game – Crota's End. It's time to venture into the depths of the moon fortress once more and defeat the remastered version of Crota, Son of Oryx, in his realm of the Oversoul Throne. 

While raiding is one of the most difficult tasks in Destiny, the rewards are well worth it, providing some of the best weapons, high-stat armor, and cosmetics. With the help of our professional players, you can get all of it and even more – join the fireteam of our best Guardians and set off on a journey for great rewards and memorable experiences.


  • Crota's End raid completed;
  • First raid completion Emblem;
  • Chance to loot the new Crota's End Raid Exotic Weapon;
  • Pinnacle Gear – Get the new raid Weapons and Armor;
  • Experience for the Season Pass and Seasonal Artifact.


  • 1810+ Light Level;
  • 1840+ Light Level for Master Difficulty;
  • Use our powerleveling services to catch up with the current power cap if necessary.


  • Full Raid Armor Set – You will get a complete set of the new raid armor;
  • All Secret Chests – We will find and open all the secret chests inside the raid to loot additional raid weapons and armor;
  • Nechrochasm Exotic Guaranteed – We will farm the raid until you get Necrochasm, the newest Exotic Auto Rifle.
  • Weekly Challenge – We will complete the active challenge for the extra loot.
  • Stream – Watch the progress of the Raid completion online, as if you're there, side by side with the Guardians.


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Destiny Raids are challenging content that requires a capable fireteam of well-coordinated players with excellent game experience and an impressive weapon arsenal to deal with every type of encounter. Our services allow you to acquire unique rewards that are otherwise quite hard to obtain for most players and a fantastic game experience. 

Using our service, you can team up with the best Destiny 2 players and participate in a new raid adventure – that will save you countless hours as you avoid the struggle of finding teammates and many frustrating wipes on raid bosses. Come, see, conquer, and get the best loot.

When the Guardians first ventured into the depths of the Oversoul Throne in 2014, the Crota's End was a relatively short raid consisting of 4 encounters, including the Abyssal Lamp Maze, crossing the Bridge, Ir Yût, the Deathsinger, and Crota, Son of Oryx himself. While the encounters will most likely change in some ways to fit the modern realities of Destiny, you can expect the raid to remain faithful to its distinguishing quality.

As described by the lead raid designer, Crota's End is about heroic episodes where the successful completion of raid encounters relies on the performance of a single player carrying out a crucial task. So, a high level of individual responsibility is required in each fireteam attempting the raid. Our players guarantee the best results and will help you achieve your goals.

Crota's End Raid
Crota's End Raid


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